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Quitting Dock Application

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by sudeepdua, Nov 26, 2007.

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    I have an application for which I have to quit the dock.I know its not advisable to quit the dock as there are other applications running
    which are spawned from the dock.This is the reason I want to know what are the applications other than Dashboard which are running with
    the parent process as the Dock.


    Sudeep Dua
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    I think Expose and perhaps Spaces as well. I'd find another way of doing whatever you are doing as the Dock is a core system process.
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    Yea you don't need to quit the Dock unless you're modifying its plist. You can use SetSystemUIMode() to hide it, and you can use some Carbon functions to disable Export/Spaces features.
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    yes that is correct , I'm actually adding an application to the dock and for that I'm adding that application to the com.apple.dock.plist . Is there another way I can achieve it.
    Thanks in advance

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    well to add an application to the dock a simple drag n drop should be enough...at least that's how I do it.
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    I'm sure users will enjoy your application when it kills their dock and forces all their minimized windows back onto their screens. Or that you decide to make the choices for them, by adding your application to their dock.

    Locus of control? Not yours buddy.
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    While I do agree with you, Apple does it with iLife and iWork.
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    Not the same thing. Those apps are included in a Dock that is part of the standard user template.

    This guy is talking about usurping the user's authority over his/her workspace and deciding that he's going to get comfy in the person's Dock. Totally unacceptable. When you release software, you are a GUEST on the user's computer. You don't go to someone's house and start rearranging the dinner table before you sit down to eat with them. Same idea here.
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    No I mean Apple's iWork and iLife installers add their apps to the Dock. In my opinion, it is the same thing whether it's Apple or Joe Developer.
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    I agree with the above posters. Do not do this. Even if Apple does with iWork, it's maddening when someone makes choices for you, and it's even more annoying with OS X because quitting the dock unminimizes all minimized windows, closes Expose, messes with Spaces, temporarily turns off Dashboard, and interrupts the workflow. It's just not the way to do things on the Mac. Let the user decide.

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