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Radtech cloth not allowing lid to close fully?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by daonesteven, Nov 28, 2011.

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    I received my Radtech cloth for the 11" air today and it's SUPER thin and all, but when I tried to close the lid over it, it didn't seem to close all the way? Does it settle in after a while or is this what I should be used to?
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    I have not had a problem with mine. I used it on my macbook pro and the macbook air. It does not close all the way but I don't see that being a problem...
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    I presume that you guys use this to avoid the keyboard imprints on the screen? So, is it needed even if I just shut the lid and leave the Air on a desk, or only when I take the laptop around in a bag/sleeve?
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    i guess I was concerned because there was some talk about how it might cause unnecessary strain on the hinge or something. I think it should be fine the more I use it though. It's definitely thinner than the "thicker" one I had for my 13" macbook
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    Needless to say it's more important when you take the laptop around in a bag. But I found out the hard way this rule: use the cloth at all times. This laptop is more fragile than ice on a hot summer day.
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    really? care to share your experience?

    I only got it because I was just paranoid and wanted some peace of mind, but now I guess I'm glad I did.
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    IF you are a person who doesn't want to see any, even small, marks on the screen, and IF you carry your Air in a backpack or other bag with lots of others things, then this cloth is probably a good idea. Otherwise, especially if your Air just sits on a desk, don't bother. My 2 cents.
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    Same concern as myself. I have the cloth from my 13" Blackbook but obviously it's too thick to fit with my 13" MBA. I considered getting the thinner one but wasn't too sure about the stress on the hinges, if any.

    I ended up just getting an iVisor and a Moshi Keyboard cover instead...although I'm not too sure how long I could stand the muffled sound from having the keyboard on... However with the iVisor on, I don't foresee any problem with getting fingerprints on my actual screen, so good enough for me.
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    i actually had a keyboard cover too but i stopped using it because I couldn't really get used to it and opted for this cloth instead. With a screen protector though, I would say you've pretty much eliminated the need for the cloth.
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    if i have the film type screen protector (the ones that you stick over the screen) do you still need the cloth?
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    Using the Radtech cloth with my 13" MBA and seems to fit well. I have a Speck case on the display part of the case to add some rigidity (the bottom part of the Speck case cracked and I threw it away). Survives the physical abuse in my backpack very well.
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    I'm using one in my 13" MBA too - I've just had to have a replacement screen and upper case - so I'm taking no chances.

    My MBA seems to close quite happily with the Radtech in place...
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    My last generation MBA 11 closed all the way with the Radtech cloth in place. However, it does not close all the way when used with my latest generation MBA 11.

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