RAM upgrade on new Mac Mini?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by ld100, Jul 22, 2011.

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    How do I upgrade RAM myself on the new MAC MINI? I just got 2G model, but would like to upgrade it. What and what I need to buy? Appreciate any help!
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    Open the back, remove the old, install the new, close the back. Easy. Hasn't changed over the 2010 model. Quite a few sites show how easy this.
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    Can you point me to what I need to purchase to go to 4G or 8G?

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    Apple has a website that you can search. Or Google give you oodles of mac specific shops that can give you this information faster than asking the question here.

    HERE is the manual for the 2011 mini. It explains not only how easy this is, but it also says exactly what specs the RAM is...on pages 41 - 46.

    OWC (use google) has good inexpensive RAM. Others like RAM from other manufacturers or retailers. DO NOT purchase RAM from Apple, same quality product as anybody else, but you get to pay quite a bit more.
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    Thank you

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