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RAM usage by Final Cut Pro

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by eXan, Oct 14, 2006.

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    Hey guys I have a question.

    In the Buying Advice section ppl say that for video editing you need at least 2-4 gigs of RAM. May I ask what for? My FCP (5.1.2) doesnt take more than 150 MBs of RAM!

    Is it normal for FCP?
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    Depends on what you are doing, if you have several sequences open, lots of footage, then Final Cut will be eating away your ram. Also when trying to play back stuff in RT, the ram will start kicking in.

    Don't worry about ram usage, when it needs it, it will use it.

    Final Cut Pro uses a maximum of 2.5 gigs of ram for its self because it is a 32 bit app and that's just what Apple says.
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    I have 2 sequences open, one is full of footage, transitions, audio. Safe RT is on, but I do not have many effects - I do that stuff in Motion. Maximum I've seen FCP use is 151 MB :confused:
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    when you get into color correction and other filters (and put it on unlimited RT) you'll definitely see that number go up.
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    Also, FCP is the final test for showing up poor quality RAM. If the RAM is substandard, even if it passes Apple Hardware Test, Rember and Techtool, it'll crash FCP.

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    :D I didnt know that ;)
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    FCP is very good at handling RAM, and it doesn't need alot. But you can change the amount of RAM it can use in FCP<Systempreferences.

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    I am cutting a 1 hour show now.. with Motion 2 and FCP 5.0 open nearly all the time. I just started watching "Menu Meters" 3 days ago.. I have never seen Ram usage go beyond 750mb.. I have 6GB of ram in my dual 2.5 G5..

    using OS 10.4.8..

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    Motion starts to eat RAM in gigs once you do a RAM preview of a large (or complex) file. It eats all my RAM (1.5 GB) when doing a RAM preview of a 400-frame clip (PAL)
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    I believe Motion will maximize use of your RAM, espscially when doing RAM previews ...

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