random log-outs in ML?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by scouts, Aug 8, 2012.

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    I'm on a mba (mid 2011). Recently my notebook would just randomly log out to the login screen... screen goes black very briefly then my login screen appears (I would enter my pw, and everything resumes normally... opened applications still open, etc. ...same as if I had put the computer to sleep). It's happened three times since upgrading. Don't know if it's related, but never seen this on my mba before ML.

    Anyone else experienced this? ...or know what might be the cause? thanks.
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    It happened to my wife. MacBook Pro. No idea on the cause, I did not look at her system. I'm sure the bug will be fixed soon.
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    It is not a bug. It is about default setting in ML. Take a look at security in setting.
  4. scouts, Aug 8, 2012
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    Can you tell me what I'm looking for exactly? thnx.
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    It happens on mine frequently -- the fabric-looking login screen often appears instead of the desktop-patterned lock screen.
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    huh I'm not sure which login screen appears w/ the random log outs (didn't pay attention, but will now!)... and yep if I put it to sleep (etc.), desktop one should and does appear.
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    Other than a schedule setting in energy saver there is not a setting that would make a computer sleep or log out all of a sudden. It is a bug if Schedule is not set in Energy Saver in Preferences.
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    As I understand it -- and I may be wrong -- is that if the Mac goes to sleep, a password prompt will appear with the same background as the desktop. But if you log out, a password prompt will appear with a background that looks lie fabric. My system is set to require a password 5 minutes after sleep or screensaver, but this shouldn't log me out.

    I haven't paid attention to whether I have to re-launch my apps when this occurs; I don't think so. I'm the only account on the machine, other than the disabled Guest account.
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    Yes, if I "log out," the fabric screen appears (w/ pw prompt)... but if I put my computer to "sleep," the desktop screen (w/ pw prompt) appears. Just trying it now to confirm this jogged my memory...

    ...the random log outs definitely went to desktop screen w/ pw prompt (as if I put the computer to sleep, then woke it... except that it goes straight to the login desktop screen by itself).

    I also set my system to sleep after 15 mins of inactivity, but the random log outs occur when I'm using my notebook. And again, my apps stay open just as if I had woken my notebook from sleep (if I had logged out, the apps would be closed unless I checked the option to "reopen" apps, etc. ...so in my case, the random log outs are behaving like computer went to sleep).
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