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RapidWeaver vs. WordPress (or other CMS)

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by sebpayne, Dec 15, 2005.

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    I have created my personal website at http://www.sebpayne.com using RapidWeaver and a few modifications to a standard theme.

    I like my site a lot and I like RapidWeaver but I am concerned that I am 'locked in' as there is no way export blog posts, no proper permalink system (but I found a way around that) and that I can't blog from the internet (like from school) but I'm not sure how important this is.

    The question I am asking - am I better sticking with RapidWeaver (as with my current site) or migrate to WordPress (or another CMS) for blog/static pages and photogallery. If you think I should move to a different system, any ideas on web gallery systems - the one RapidWeaver uses is very nice.

    Should I be concerned about 'locked in'?

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    I use WordPress on my site. I like it a lot. As for the gallery, I host my images on Flickr (great site!) and use a plug-in called fgallery to import them over.

    My site ain't much to look at right now, but I have a custom template that I am almost ready to unleash. Now that finals are over!
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    kgarner: What do you use to organise photos on your computer? iPhoto?

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    I use iPhoto and FlickrExport, apart from the occasional stall it works very well and is well integrated.

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