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Discussion in 'iPod' started by xXriderXx7, Mar 30, 2008.

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    Does anybody know how to edit these for movies/tv shows not bought from iTunes?
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    iTunes ->Preferences->Parental Control

    From them you can control what movies, TV shows and Music one can download based on rating for each media.
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    I dont want to control anything, I just am obsessed with tagging and would like my ripped dvd's and tv shows to be tagged with ratings.

    Am I missing an option?
    Or is my question to vague?
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    Ahh..opps, sorry, read that to fast

    yea, that seems to done to the files outside of iTunes(for store bought stuff)...so I have no clue how one does that for ripped stuff
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    TheSpaz actual linked me to Lostify, which is a metadata editor.

    Aloows you to add rating and many other useful things.
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    Try MetaX, gives you all the info you could need about a ripped movie, including ratings. I fixed all my movies just today!!!
    Takes a little bit to get used to the program...

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    I put the rating in the grouping box, then create a smart playlist for each rating.
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    Another solution might be VideoDrive: offers lots of possibilities to add videos to iTunes, and allows to add metadata too. (www.aroona.net)
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    Thanks for this information
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    Apple Ink

    +200 to MetaX. Love it! Dunno how they dont charge for something as nifty as this!:D But seriously, its a must try! And as iTeen notes, a bit confusing at first!

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