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Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by xcodeNewbie, Aug 14, 2011.

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    I've been having trouble getting the following bit of code to work right:
    for (Planet *aPlanet in planetArray) {
            [aPlanet.makeShipTimer invalidate];
    It always crashes when it runs this part. So I tried it like this:
    for (Planet *aPlanet in planetArray) {
            if ([aPlanet.makeShipTimer isValid]) [aPlanet.makeShipTimer invalidate];
    And it still crashes. So I added an NSLog:
    for (Planet *aPlanet in planetArray) {
            if ([aPlanet.makeShipTimer isValid]) NSLog(@"Valid!");
    And the NSLog shows up, which means that the timer is valid. Any idea what's going on?
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    My first thought is that the Planet objects have been deallocated. Run your program under Instruments using the zombies template.

    isValid returning true doesn't contradict my theory. The behaviour of sending a message to a deallocated object is undefined.

    isValid doesn't check if the timer is still allocated, it only checks if the timer is still capable of firing. This could be simply returning a BOOL ivar. That could be why your program doesn't crash at this point.
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    Dealloced Planets

    Thanks for your reply, but I already ran an NSLog test that confirmed the planets still exist.
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    How did you do that? That NSLog code you posted above does not check whether the object exists.
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    A couple of thoughts:
    When you say it crashes, what do you mean? Do you get a stack backtrace in the console output? Care to share?

    Have you run it under the debugger, with a breakpoint on both the line within the for loop? You can re-write that code slightly to make debugging a little easier, something like:
    for (Planet *aPlanet in planetArray) {
            NSTimer *makeShipTimer = [aPlanet.makeShipTimer]; // guessing on type
            [makeShipTimer invalidate];
    You can set the breakpoint on the invalidate statement and see the result of the makeShipTimer call.
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    It also depends on what properties that the op declared in the header for the nstimer as well as if he is setting to nil anywhere after he invalidates the timer.

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