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Recommendations of very simple PHP/MySQL cart software?

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by Bakey, Jan 27, 2006.

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    Hi there folks,

    Wondering if anyone has any suggestion/recommendations for a PHP/MySQL solution to my needs[!] as follows...

    1. Simple 'item' listing web-app where viewer can submit enquiry for further information or possibly make direct purchase via World Pay/PayPal.

    2. Site owner can update/amend/delete 'items' through there browser.

    3. Same site also allows its owner to add product reviews.

    In all cases the whole site is to be searchable [hence MySQL]; its kind of sounding along the lines of a CMS based solution. If anybody agrees then are there any recommendations?

    I've also be considering the MX Kollection from www. interaktonline.com -- has anybody out there had any experience of this collection of Dreamweaver extensions?

    The reason why I'm thinking PHP+MySQL is due to me having previous experience rather than ASP or ColdFusion, etc.

    I know this is little on the specific side and sounds like a proposal -- but it's not!! Simply trying to get a good feel for what may or may not be a good route to take from those who've already walked the path... if you follow!?

    Many thanks in advance... ;)
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    discussed a couple of days ago here.
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    There are a few that are free. Check out Zen Cart and osCommerce.

    If you're willing to pay some, there's X-Cart, CC Now, and Roman Cart.

    I have only used Zen and osCommerce. If you decide to go with one of those, I'd be glad to help you set your shop up.
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    Point taken! Only noticed that thread after I'd begun this...

    Thanks ChrisWB -- I'm looking into osCommerce... I may be back to take you up on your assistance!

    Many thanks once again... ;)
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    eShox has a really nice shopping cart software but good luck getting it to fully work...I have had a lot of issues with it but if you could get it to work it is worth it.
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    i've spent a few minutes looking at the live sites for both these products. they look good enough to warrant further investigation, but there were a couple things that bugged me:

    1. LHS nav menu seemed limited in presentation options (i.e. the font was the same for all stores)
    2. the title bar didn't change w/ the page

    1. every store had "powered by zencart" at the bottom
    2. the LHS and RHS boxes seemed a little, hmmm, "CMS-like"

    have you programmed these carts much? are these fair comments or was my sample size of live sites not big enough? they do all kind of look the same, so imo one thing that allows a cart to stand out is how much the look and feel can be customized so that it doesn't look like everyone else's.
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    You can do whatever you want to OSC. Granted using anything but dynamically generating text may alter the end functionality. But you can use images for navi or anything you want really.
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    Both oSCommerce and Zen Cart look fairly standard and rigid with their default installs. There are lots of themes and add-ons that can change this.
    I have not programmed the carts at all, but I have changed graphics, themes, added some of the add-ons, and used the shopping cart software's administration page to change what the customer sees on the front page.

    I'm pretty sure that it's possible to remove the "powered by ZenCart" thing, but it may go against the licence agreement.

    You're right, they do look "CMS-like".
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    i didn't choose the best words, but that is what i meant by "programming the carts". didn't mean it to sound like i was asking if you were a developer on the projects.

    thanks for the comments.
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    I know what you mean, I have tried CubeCart, and those two... And I would rather find another or even make my own, then use those... While the are decent, and it depends on your applications.

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