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reconfiguring f keys on macbook

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by dave12345, Jul 3, 2010.

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    hi - i just had my topcase / keyboard replaced on my white macbook - it has the f1/f2 screen brightness - f4/f5 volume layout - however the keys are mapped to the new function key layout with the volume keys on f11 & f12.

    Does anyone know if i can reconfigure the f key layout ? maybe reinstalling snow leopard will do it ?

    cheers for any help...
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    Go to the keyboard section of the system preferences, go to the "keyboard shortcuts" tab and hit "restore defaults". That should do the trick.
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    I use fantastic KeyRemap4MacBook.
    It's a bit geeky and takes a tad of tinkering, yet much better than Function Flip which is easier, but suck balls royally on my three Macs.
    Choice is yours.

    It would help if you state :
    1) what exactly has changed (only key icons, or actions of keys as well (Mac keyboard does/might have it's own controller, IDK))
    2) what is it you want - key actions back where they were physically, regardless of what icons show; or other way around ?
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    hmmm - that didn't work unfortunately
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    the keyboard has been replaced but it seems to be the same layout as before - the configuration is osx has changed so that the action of the function keys does not match the icons on the keys

    i want the function keys to work according to the icons on the keys - in this case - f1 = brightness down - f2 = brightness up - f3 = mute - f4 = volume down - f5 = volume up

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    this did the trick - thanks - if anyone knows of a fix without having to install a 3rd party app that would be great!

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    Glad it worked for you, took me sometime.

    I don't really got it:
    1) your KB was from old days (without playback keys and volume on F10-f12)?
    2) They replaced KB with the same layout ? (FN keys)

    Then you say it's the config of OSX has changed?
    Can you specify?
    And do "new" functions of FN keys map to a newish layout?

    I'm trying to figure out what happened, and if it's beyond simple change of layouts (or maybe new "controller" with a new FN keys "mapping" slapped together with old layout?)

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