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Recording using the Audio Input

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by MattZani, Jun 23, 2009.

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    Im wanting to record things from an Audio Out (3.5mm) on my MacBook Pro. How would i go around doing this?

    Last time i tried doing this on XP, with an Audio Input, it didnt work, so im just being a little cautious, as i would need to buy a few cables.
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    Why not use something that enables you to just record system audio like Soundflower?
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    Google, Audio Hijack.
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    Because the Audio isnt coming off a PC, its coming off a PS3.

    I Shall Google that.
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    Oh, ok. Your original post made it sound like you wanted to record from the Audio Out (3.5mm) on your MacBook Pro.

    Have you tried simply connecting PS3 out to MBP in?
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    No, as i would need to purchase things for it.

    Could plug in my iPhone or something i guess.
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    Uh, what is it that you need to connect a 3.5mm output to your MBP 3.5mm input that you don't have? And how would you be connecting it to the iPhone?
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    to connect the Ps3 i would need to convert the L+R Outputs into 3.5mm.

    To connect and iPhone, i would just a 3.5mm Male-Male cable, which i have.
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    In that case you gave misleading information in your first post.
    For your sake and for the sake of those trying to help you, I would advise you to state what you want to do clearly. (And maybe you will learn something in the process.)

    In this case you want to record from PS3. Step 1, find out what kind of connectors it has; in my own experience, consoles usually has a custom, single output for audio and video, and come with a cable that connects from the console to the TV's SCART or RCA inputs. If you don't know what these terms mean, look it up (protip: wikipedia).

    Then you see if any of your existing cables fit. If they do, try it, if they don't, buy it.

    And you're saying you don't need to convert the L+R outs to 3.5mm to record on the iPhone? Either you have a cable that connects to some other audio input in the iPhone or you're planning to use the built-in mic, in which case I can only hope that the huge quality hit of not using line-in will be worth the couple of dollars saved by not buying a cable.
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    I Can set the PS3 to output audio over Composite, and the L+R Outputs. I Would need to get a connector to convert the L+R Outputs to 3.5mm.

    The iPhones Headphone Jack is already 3.5mm, so i would not need to do any converting.


    I Want to record from an output (iPhone, PS3 etc.) into my MacBook Pro's 3.5mm Audio input.


    Could i connect to it using Digital Optical?
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    Good. That is option 1.

    I will assume you are talking about recording using a built-in mic on the iPhone, in which case this is option 2.

    You can always try. (I have never done so, so I can't say with 100% certainty that yes you definitely can, but there is a reason that specifications are made, and the reason is so devices can interoperate within certain limits.) If the PS3 has a Toslink optical and and your Macbook Pro has a Toslink optical in (which looks to be the case) you could try getting something like this: http://www.amazon.com/6ft-Toslink-Mini-Cable/dp/B000FMXKC8. This is then option 3.

    Out of these options, the 3rd option, digital (optical) is the one that would introduce the least quality loss; ie. the preferred method.
    Option 1 is almost as good as it goes directly from out to in.
    Option 2 is a distant third place due to quality loss in recording from speakers.

    Choose wisely, the whole world depends on it.
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    Forget option 2, ive obviously confused you.

    The 2nd option is take the 3.5mm from the TV and plug into my MBP, basically the same as option 1.

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