Redesigning one of the best form and document creating apps for iOS - your thoughts

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    Crystal Works for iPad is a form and document creating app for iPad, with a lot of unique features and truly great potential.
    This is our previous post about Crystal Works.
    Not a long time ago, we realised that we have to redesign the UI in Crystal Works, in order to make it more attractive, logical and easy to use. This is a sneak peak at our draft version of new design:
    MyDocs screen


    We'd like to hear any thoughts, advices, feedback!

    View on the App-Store: full version , and free version.

    You can email us:

    You can also view our video.
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    Jessica Lares

    I actually preferred the original design.
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    Thank you for your feedback!
    What exactly did you like more? The overall style, or maybe the wooden theme we used?
    This not the final version too. Basically, this is just an example of the style we want to use.
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    Jessica Lares

    The overall style. :) Do you have anymore screenshots of the new UI? Maybe it'd make a difference if I saw the new editing screens and menus. I just think it looks too flat. It's almost too Android Holo-like.
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    New info and screenshots will be published as soon, as possible.
    I've seen some other screenshots (I just can't publish them yet), and they look really amazing. But I can email them to you a couple days before making them public (just send me your email in private messages).

    P.S. you can join our Beta team if you want, so you will get access to the latest versions of Crystal Works before they go to the App Store. We appreciate all feedback we get, and this will help us make one of the best apps on the App Store - and the best looking one.

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