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Reformatting iPod for Mac?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by DJAznSensation, Apr 8, 2008.

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    :apple: okay so i recently had bought a new MacBook Pro (Penryn) about a week ago and a new iPod Classic (80gb) a month ago... I was wondering if I should reset the iPod and have it so its only formatted to Mac?

    And if i decide that I want to, how would I go about doing this (is there a step-by-step guide?)?

    sorry if this question has already been posted and answered
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    I think that Windows formatted iPods will work on both platforms. So you might as well just let it be in case you ever (shudder) want to use Windows again. It's up to you, but it probably doesn't matter.
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    If all you rmusic is transfered to the Mac go to iPod XXXX then click restore.

    @ Guy above windows iPod does not update the song list on a a Mac (If windows formatted)so it is best to reformat
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    From my experience, I'd tend to be a little cautious about reformatting an old iPod. I tried to reformat my 20GB 4G iPod to mac, and it froze half way through. Got the sick face on the iPod. Couldn't get it to do anything but bring up the Apple logo after that. Genius Bar dude tried a bunch of different stuff, said the hard drive was toast. Sucked because this iPod looked like new, left my house maybe a dozen times over it's life, and was never dropped. I really only used it in my music room and it stayed on a shelf. In other words, it was babied. My Wife has an old Mini, and I'm reluctant to try and format that one to Mac.
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    Formatting wont hurt it. It was just unfortunate that the user above had that problem.

    I just reformatted my iPod yesterday from windows to mac and it works fine.
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    It worked perectly for me. I did reformat the thing to Mac though because I have all my music transfered to Mac, so there's no need to keep it in Windows mode.

    The only thing a Windows iPod won't do on Mac is update the firmware. the other way around doesn't work though, Windows only sees a brick when the iPod is Mac formatted.
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    I recently did this for my wife's iPod. We backed up her library from Vista on a DVD. Then imported that into her iMac. Then I reformatted her iPod on the iMac, then synced. All went well.
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    well my iPod Classic 80gb at sometimes runs alittle choppy, and i've herd this has been a little problem with other too (something that u can just look over).

    do you think re-formatting it will get help the performance speed of the iPod, since you can upgrade the firmware of the iPod?
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    Well mine has worked better since. It kept pausing every minute.
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    Dunno if a reformat will speed things up. I had pau...ses when it was in Windows Mode, and I have paus...es now that it is in Apple Mode. Can't tell whether the frequency of them decreased though. To be completely in the clear; I'm talking about an iPod Photo with 60 GB HD.

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