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refurb air

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by loungecorps, Feb 13, 2011.

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    so I almost bought a macbook air 11inch refurb a few days ago. it was priced at 849. When I went to buy it today the price went up to more than it cost to get a brand new one 1019.00

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    refurb are good deals!
    you have to be quick.

    if you wait a couple of weeks they will be back.
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    Not quite....the 1019 model has the larger ssd of 128 gb
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    The $849 model is the 64GB 11" and the 1019 is the 128GB model. So it doesn't cost more than the new one.
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    Why does it matter...

    If you wanted one few days ago, you would have gotten it.

    It went up? No.

    You mean the model you want is now sold out.
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    The stock seems to get updated only on Tuesdays. So visit back on Tuesday, and you'll probably find what you're looking for. Otherwise, supplies seem to get depleted pretty fast at this time.
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    ahh your right I just went to buy and saw the price and left. oh well I guess apple isn't playing games with refurb pricing.

    buying refurb is a waiting game that requires quick action

    I'll get it next time
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    I would suggest you to call apple and get discount on refurbished. For instance, I got MBA ultimate as refurbished from apple. It costs 1260 dollars, but I was able to talk to apple and bring it down to 1060 dollars.
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    What did you tell them?
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    They don't update refurbs on tuesdays

    I have seen the refurbished models update on every day of the week and at random times of day. If you look often enough you will see models being added and then quickly disappearing all the time.
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    this is true
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    Considering how fast these refurbished MBAs go at the prices listed, I'm very eager to know what you could have told Apple (who specifically did you speak to?) to get them to lower the price another $200.
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    not possible.
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    Huh? MBA ultimate lasted for at least 3-4 days at apple store. I only needed an hour.


    You are trying to find a person that I talked to? Impossible. This company is so huge and you won't find him...

    You ask. You ask. You ask. You negotiate and you demand. That's what you do.
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    I haven't really seen that. What I have seen is that the supplies dwindle down from Tuesday to Monday. On Tuesday's they'll have all (if not, most) the models available, as the week progresses, certain models will not be available. You can go check now, and the only MBA available is an 11"/2BG/128GB model. That's it!! Tomorrow, if my theory is correct, they'll have a bumper crop.

    The Ultimates seem to go the fastest, followed by the base configurations, then all the in betweens.

    I've been watching these things with an itchy trigger finger trying to decide what to buy and when?:confused:
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    refurb.mewww.refurb.me is a good resource for this - you can set it up to send you an email as soon as any of the model you want hits the refurb store. Just be ready!

    Also, if you look at appleinsider.com's buying guide, you can keep an eye on prices of new ones. I bought my new MBA a couple of weeks ago from MacMall. It was only about $20 more than Apple, once I figured in tax, and I get the pretty retail box! ;)
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    Jump on it when you can.
    They don't last long!
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    just checked the refurb store in between classes. they have the 11.6 ultimate for $1189. even with ca tax this came out way cheaper than the 1.4 4gb 128ssd config that I was about to buy with my ed discount. jump on it =]

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