Remote App - Make it control Front Row?

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by jersey, Jul 10, 2008.

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    That would be nice ..... because really, all the AppleTv is running is front row. It would be much nicer than that little white remote that I'm always losing.

    And I was thinking, it would be rad if someone made a bluetooth remote app for the PS3. Again, much better than the Sony PS3 remote.

    I want to control everything from my phone .........
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    Wish Apple could put a tiny IR sensor on this bad boy. Say by, by to the Logitech Harmony remote. I could control my PS3 (bluetooth) and my other devices. Or, or Logitech could role out a Bluetooth replicator that sends IR signals to your IR components and then they can role out the harmony software on iPhone. I no longer need the Harmony 1000, yes.

    Back to reality, but it would be nice.
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    I read in my Playstation Magazine that someone was developing a remote control iPhone app for the PS3. Let's wait and see.
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    It should be able to do it over wifi, on your home network.

    Right now I'm using a mini as a media server, have it hooked to my tv via dvi to hdmi and watch movies via front row. If I can control iTunes via the remote over wifi, I should (theoretically) be able to control Front Row via wifi too.
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    I just messed myself a little bit. This would be the end all be all of remotes if they can make it fully functional.
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    i agree. i assumed it would have this functionality. hopefully they will update it soon.
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    Damn... so the iPhone remote app can't do frontrow. What a pity... and WHY? It would seem to be a minor addition (it does AppleTV, and it does iTunes.... so....?). And a year or so ago Apple was making Frontrow pretty well identical to AppleTV... wonder why they changed directions.

    Anyway, couldn't find the answer to this question anywhere so glad to see your posts- thanks.
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    remote buddy, remote buddy, remote buddy it has a free trial and a LOT more functionality
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    Alan Taylor

    And it runs on the iPhone?
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    yaha, it turns your mac into the server for its own 'webapp' so you have to be on the same local network as the computer. you can control airtunes, you can stream to the phone from itunes, control frontrow / eyetv and numerous other software, even share the desktop and control the mouse to a degree and it has a freee trial.
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    yeah, that's exactly what i've been looking for...

    so it works this allows you to use a touch/iphone as a remote w/eye tv?
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    Remote buddy is terrible.
    It goes through Safari, so it's incredibly sluggish and crashes frequently.
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    Yeah, I was talking native app, not something that runs through a Safari web interface. Seriously, this should be an easy update for Apple.

    I hope that people begin providing their apps as open source, and allow others to develop them as a community,

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