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Remote Disk not working! Please help

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by srt4cane, Nov 7, 2010.

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    So i bought my copy of office 2011 and figured i would just use my old PC to transfer it to my new macbook air. Everything goes great for the first half of the download until it starts writing files to the air and proceeds to fail every time (8 attempts by now). I'm guessing the connection just times out because my internet is pretty slow. I tried going to the MS website to download the trial version and just validate it with my key but, of course, they don't have it up yet. The last thing i tried was copying the files on the install dvd to a usb drive and placing them on my mac desktop. The problem is there is no .exe or launch icon to begin the installation. I have seen that some people created an image or something on their PC and then transferred that to a mac but I have no idea how to do it and can't find any info. I have been at this for hours scouring forums and trying to find a way! With a paper due tomorrow, I NEED this to work. Thanks for any suggestions or thoughts


    1-Internet connection too slow for remote disk to work
    2-No microsoft online download
    3-Transferred files on usb stick to mac, but can't find a command icon to launch install
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    Maybe this can help you:

    After you have created the .iso file, copy it onto a USB stick, put the USB stick into your MBA, copy the .iso onto your MBA, double click on the .iso. There should be a Installer or Setup application visible, just not an .exe file, as they are meant for Windows.
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    Your internet connection has nothing to do with this. How are the two connected? They are on the same local network? They are on wireless? Which kind of connection? 802.11b g or n?

    Which OS is the PC running? You need the Apple software installed on the PC to share the disk, I assume you have that? There is a known problem with the Apple sharing software on Windows 7. In that is what you have installed then you will need to find a different way to connect.
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    Hey guys, i downloaded iso recorder but when i right-click on the main contents folder in the install cd it does not give me an option to create an image (this is how the tutorial on their website says to do it). Help?

    My PC is running windows 7 and I already downloaded the apple software for remote disk as well as enabled sharing. I'm transferring via a wireless G local home network. The install begins normally and everything, it just fails halfway through after hanging at a certain point for 15 minutes.

    I feel that the easiest way would be to download it via USB. I've already got all the files over to my mac sitting on the desktop but I can't find a way to initiate the install.
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    Hey thanks for keeping up on this with me spinner.

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    Have you looked inside the red rectangled folder?

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    Yep. The sequence goes

    officeinstallermpkg-->contents--> then the screenshot i posted. When i click on the distribution package it says it can not be opened. The other folder contains all of the components for installation. I've tried searching through them for some type of execution file but can't find anything

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    Can you again please post a screenshot of the insides of the PACKAGES folder, maybe in list view and when all sizes are calculated (Command + J > Show All Sizes)?

    Btw, to make a screenshot of a single image you can press Command + Shift + 4, release the keys, press Spacebar and release it and click with the mouse pointer on the window you want to shoot.
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    Is Remote Disc failing at the same spot every time? What does it say when it fails?
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    Sure, here it is. Couldn't get the whole list in one window so I took a pic of the top half and the second half.

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    That's really strange.

    I don't know which Windows version you have, but when you have the Office 2011 disk inside the PC's ODD, can you make a screenshot of the contents as shown in Windows Explorer?
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    It's windows 7 home premium. Here is a screenshot of the dvd drive with hidden files and extensions showing.

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    Ok well for anyone who reads this in the future, there is definitely a problem with remote disk over windows 7. I used a vista PC to remotely install office and it went perfectly. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions

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