Remoting Apps that can use & show at the Max iPad 3 resolution?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by crashnburn, Jun 2, 2012.

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    Remoting Apps that can use & show at the Max iPad 3 resolution?

    Which Remoting Apps can leverage the Retina Resolutions?

    Maybe allow us to remote and login at Resolutions of our choice & show it nicely (Since its Retina).

    e.g Retina
    - 2048 x ..
    - 1920 x 1200
    - 1920 x 1080
    - 1600 x 1200 etc

    Note: Remote into Windows & Mac both if possible. But post about the App if it supports one or both.
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    I'm curious, what for? Seems like too many efforts are required for so little use. 1080P is good enough for now, under the constraint of bandwidth and graphics, especially bandwidth, unlike video streaming(which is essentially dealing with static data), an ideal remote control has much less, if any, time for compressing data.
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    :) Everyone has their own ideas & experiments to perform. So, any suggestions on which Remoting Apps support these kind of High Resolution desktops when Remoting in?
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    To my knowledge you'll only be able to those resolutions if the monitor attached to the PC supports them. I can on mine but my monitor goes up to 2560x1600. If this is the case and you have a high res screen then most remote applications support changing the resolution, Logmein for example.

    An alternative would be to not use a remote desktop app but to use something that supports Terminal servers or RDP if you prefer. I use an app called PocketCloud (which allows both VNC and RDP connections). This allows you to set the resolution as high as you want. But to be honest at full resolution it actually becomes less usable.

    Screenshot from my iPad @ 2560x1536

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    Omg, windows 98!!
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    lol that's Windows 7 with all the graphics rubbish off. :)
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    this is win 8
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    That's nice......... :rolleyes:
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    Gotcha! BTW - RDP = Remote Desktop .. :) ??
    I guess you're saying instead of an iPad only specific Remote App with proprietary host agent/component, we could much rather use something like a VNC & RDP.

    Do the VNC/ RDP Apps provide the ease & usage functionality of the other Remote Apps?
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    Thats completely fine with me as long as I can CHOOSE the resolutions and maybe customize them as well and since iPad 3 display is perfectly capable, hope that the App can scale that Host Desktop resolution to the Retina Display.

    Please list & share experiences of RDP/VNC client / Remoting Apps to log in host desktop at custom high resolutions & scale to display on iPad Retina?
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    Is that Release preview?
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    You can customise any resolution up to 2048x2048 with Pocket Cloud.


    That's it running 1536x2048 for portrait mode.

    In answer to your other question RDP is Remote Desktop Protocol. I prefer this over standard remote solutions for many reasons, not least of these being that I can log in and use my PC in the background on my iPad and still use the PC as normal whilst logged in. Although unless your running Windows server you do have to enable a tiny hack to get multiple log-ons enabled.

    In terms of ease of use that depends on the client you use. For the connection itself Logmein wins hands down, which is why I think most people use it, it's very noob friendly. I myself use it from time to time depends what I'm doing, as it's free now there's no harm in having it on there as well. To connect with Pocketcloud there's a Auto discovery option that uses a google account to connect you to your PC which worked pretty well the one time I tried it (I personally don't use it). This gets you around the problem of being on a Dynamic IP address (if your ISP supplies you with a dynamic IP it'll change every now and then) Logmein does this automatically as it reports your IP to their servers then you log in via their software.

    As for ease of use once your connected, in my opinion PocketCloud is easier to use, the whole experience is a little more fluid, it's without doubt at least AS easy to use as Logmein.

    There is a free edition of PocketCloud available on the app store but from what I remember it restricts the resolution to something quite small. So what I'd suggest is download it and see if you can connect have a little play with it and then buy the full version if you find you like it.

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