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Remove screen from PowerBook?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by im_to_hyper, Jun 16, 2005.

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    I have been offered a fully functional Titanium PowerBook G4 8xx MHz, 40 GB HD, Airport, yadda yadda for $275, but the only downside is that the bottom third of the screen does not work. Does anyone know of a way to remove the screen from the PB in order to hook it up to an external monitor?


    Is there a way to change the area of the monitor so that it will ONLY display in a selected area? Example: if I set the dock position to the bottom it will be right above the black area because thats where the screen "edges are". Understand what I'm trying to say here... I sure hope so cuz its 1 AM and I cant think clearly. :)
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    As far as I know there is no way to adjust the display so that the Dock is at the bottom of the middle 2/3rds. However, as far as external monitors go, there is no need to remove the LCD, just close the lid, hook up a USB keyboard & mouse and you can use the PB with the lid closed. It will then act like a desktop computer. Some people are worried about the PB getting hot and frying itself this way, but Apple officially sanctions it, and I've never heard of it doing any damage. (It works fine with my 550MHz Ti which also gets very hot.)
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    Check ebay for a replacement screen for that model. It might not be a bad deal, with a good monitor, considering you only paid $275.
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    I'm not sure I understand what you're saying about the dock, but you can go through system prefernces and change its position to the left or right.
    But I have to agree with Acedickson - get a new screen from eBay.
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    I think I understand what he wants to do. I think he wants to resize the picture to takeup the haf of the screen that's working. Like you can on an external monitor. I don't think it's possible on a notebook, though. I could be wrong since i don't have one though.

    Here's a link to ebay. It looks like you can get a replacemnt screen for $225-$250. If you were to replace it, that's still a decent deal on that PB.
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    You could also purchase a nice B&W keyboard or 1st gen iMac keyboard as those have the powerbutton directly on the keyboard.
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    That's actually a great idea considering that I wouldn't have to open the lid each time!

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    *bump due to update*

    I've also posted at the applefritter forums (a LOT less users there) and people are saying I should just go ahead and remove the screen due to possible heat issues and overheating. Is overheating an actual concern.
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