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Remove Vocals and pop into apps...How to

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by yoyo5280, Mar 26, 2008.

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    I found Verve Remixed (Great ReMixes of old jazz songs) and got real inspired. I want to try to make my own for fun! :D

    Only problem is I don't know how to extract the vocals from the song and put them into editing apps... If any of you know how (for free if at all possible) please let me know!
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    do a search. there's about 40 threads on this.
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    there are plenty but none of them are helpful... I want to extract the vocals as much as possible, not remove them to have a karaoke track
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    Define extract, then. Your post is confusing.

    Do you mean you want the vocals to use, without the existing backing tracks?

    This is d*mned near impossible unless there is an a capella section in the recording you can sample and use. The vocals cover the range of many of the major instruments, and both vocals, drums and bass tend to be mixed in the centre. Plus, people are really sensitive to missing frequencies and artifacts in vocals, so it will be really difficult to drop out the other instruments without mangling the vocals.
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    So it is not possible to take OUT the MUSIC and leave the vocals to add new MUSIC to?
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    Yeah, you can't do it. Not any good, anyhow.
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    once the cake is baked, it's hard to take out the flour...
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    If you are lucky, you can do this with some clever channel mixing. Syntrillium's Cool Edit 2 (now Adobe Audition) had a Vocal Removal tool which mixed the "outer" channels against each other, leaving only what was coming from the center channel. Some old songs are exactly mixed like that, so you are left with only the vocals, while other tracks just sound like a mess.

    Other than that, I'm with zimv20 - isolating the vocals is just as easy as getting the eggs out of the cake again.
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    Next to impossible. The best you can do is try and cut out the bass frequencies (below say, 120 Hz) and use Logic's vocal booster (which sort of works).
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    call up the recording studio and order the vocals lol. there isnt any way to really take it out.

    the reason why is because vocals cover the entire freq range so if you cut 1 area with eq its also gonna get the voice also. its hard to explain.

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