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removing DRM

Discussion in 'iPod' started by darwen, Mar 26, 2006.

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    ok, before i get a bunch of illegal hate mail comments... hear me out.

    I love DRM, i love the concept and I applaud apples efforts to keep everything legal. Lets be honest though, it does have a tendency to get annoying. transferring music to another computer I own, forgetting to de authorize before a re-format. I hate restrictions. I know I bought my songs and I know I am not passing them out to others.

    Is there an easy way to de authorize the songs though? I dont like JHymn. It required another authorization and I dont like it having that. Is there another program that rips out the DRM and does not require authorization?
  2. Demi-God (Moderator emeritus)


    Burn the tacks to a CD, then rip the CD.
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    a program called JHymn used to work nicely - just choose the songs and it strips the DRM real quick. But I know apple is constantly blocking it with each iTunes update. Free too.

    Their website appears to be down now, but it's http://www.hymn-project.org/
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    mad jew

    FWIW, if you use up all your authorised machines you can reset it back to zero. This'll just mean you have to reauthorise the machines you actually use. :)
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    Here's a thread i created a while ago about the same topic. I didn't get any useful information out of it, other than the fact that everyone loves to burn cds.

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    Why is this so difficult? There is alwyas a way to crack this stuff! I remember back when compressor first came out you could use compressor to do it! Now apple has fixed that (it was quite ironic using an apple program to remove apple DRM).

    Shouldnt it be possible to do this w/o the use of authorization. None of those audio ripping programs out there have figured it out? I am disappointed with hackers these days!
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    mad jew

    Well, since you can de-authorise all machines at once (if necessary) and you confess to loving DRM, I don't see the problem. :)

    I guess as an alternative you could open up Garageband and recreate your favourite tracks using a combination of your lovely voice, some kitchen utensils and a pet Chihuahua. That's probably the best compromise.
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    You can only do that once a year. Again, I hate restrictions. I bought the stuff, I want to be able to do with it what I want.
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    circumventing copy protection, aka removing DRM, is illegal.

    im not a mod, so im just warning you, but the MR community is not supposed to include any illegal stuff. the mods are really protective of that and people do get banned.
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    You know that sinking sickly feeling you get in your stomach, i just got that when i read "i love DRM"
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    How would you go about doing that. It something I been wondering for a while and been needing 2 do because my count is maxed and i need to reset it.
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    iTunes ->Advanced->Deauthorize this computer.
    Or call Apple and make them do it if you no longer have access to the computer.
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    Then I advise you to stop buying on the iTMS and pay 50% more to get your music on CDs.

    You may as well complain that "I bought the songs fair and square but I hate being restricted to AAC compression. I should be able to get uncompressed 16/44.1."

    There is a reason *and a contractual obligation* why you can get iTunes music instantly and generally cheaper than you can buy CD albums. If you don't like the rules of the game, then don't play.
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    Sign into the iTMS, then into your account. There will be an option to "De-authorize all computers" or something like that. Just do it, and when you go to play a song you bought off the store on your computer, it will ask you to authorize that computer.
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    Thanks that was what I was looking for. Oddly enough my desktop has not ask for authorizetion to be entered yet after I did it.

    Main reason I wanted to do it was I has 2 authorzition that where fried and I had no access to deauthorize. One being a friend and the other being a reformate on my own computer that seem to of fried one.

    Either way it good to go and now I am just waiting until it ask for me to reauthorize my computer
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    I have numerous computers, and this DRM while I respect what it's for and agree with it, is getting to be quite a hassle. I was wondering if there was a program like JHymn that will get rid of the DRM for music videos (m4v files). I don't have a cd burner or I'd just do that...
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    Even having a CD burner would not help with the videos, you can't burn them to CD, then reimport. You are stuck with the DRM on videos (for the time being).
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    So does jhymn still work at all? If not is there another app that does the same thing?
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    Staff Member

    jhymn will continue to work until they finally lock out all iTunes 5.x users, but you have to use iTunes 5.x for ALL your purchases.

    Doesn't seem worth it to me though, all I can't do with iTunes itself is go directly from M4P to M4A, but since M4A is not widely supported, it doesn't buy me much. Going from M4P to MP3 (which is widely supported) still requires going through an uncompressed state just as buring to a CD does. Until more devices support M4A, you'll either need to transcode to MP3 or use an M4P compatible device (iPod).

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    I can totally agree with trying to circumvent DRM, because when you purchase something, you have the legal right to be able to use it on any machine that you own.

    What I mean is, when you buy a CD you know that you can play that on any cd player. Or when you get a DVD, the same.

    Now, I have a treo. I love buying episodes on ITunes, but why am I crippled into needing a video ipod to watch a darn movie that I LEGALLY purchased?

    I am an independant artist, so I get the DRM thing. However, the concept is flawed and still not there yet. It really just limits your legal fair use rights.

    my opinion
  21. Demi-God (Moderator emeritus)


    Not true. Have you ever heard of the DMCA?
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    Check this out.
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    I was hoping to use something like JHymn to allow me to to connect my iPod to my XBox 360 to play music, but it won't play music that was purchased through iTunes. I don't want to copy or distribute anything for free, I just want to play my music through another device. I thought it would be cool to play the music through it using the Xbox visualizer when friends come over. My HDTV has much better speakers than my tiny PowerBook and the large screen with the visualizer is really cool.

    Just curious, if removing DMR is not legal, how is it that Handbrake and MacTheRipper are still available? Don't they do to DVD's what JHymn does to music?
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    works like a charm..
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    Unless you are a media mogul, you *cannot* love drm. You may tolerate it or you may even approve and champion it but you cannot *love* it.

    Reminds me of the Lenny Bruce line where someone says "I'm glad to be Jewish"

    Lenny said: No-one can be *glad* to be Jewish, you can be *proud* to be Jewish, that means you've made a good adjustment.
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