Removing Installing Opitcal Drive G5

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by kjdenison, Feb 22, 2005.

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    Does anyone have a link or any instructions on how to remove and install a dvd-rw drive for a Power Mac G5. It would be MORE than appreciated, I can't find anything, anywhere. Thanks!!
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    You need the Pdf PowerMac G5 Users Guide. Page 58 and 59 should be about what you want. If you do not already have it, go to Apple Support and look for it, you should be able to find it easily, I got it somehow.

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    1. unplug your G5
    2. open it
    3. open the two latches below the drive
    4. slide the drive out of the bay
    5. disconnect all cables
    6. detach the sliders on the bottom of the drive
    7. attach them to the new drive
    8. connect the cables
    9. slide it into place and close the latches
    10. close cover
    11. powerup the G5
    12. finished

    *note: make sure the new drive can fit the opening on the front of the G5, in some cases you have to remove the front plastic strip of the drive to ensure it will fit

    thats about it, you don't need a step by step drawing manual to do this, its made easy... just like replacing or putting in a new Harddisk or so...


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    Hey, grts that's easier than the manual, without pictures though.
    Here is the pdf.
    1 Open your computer and remove the side panel following the directions that begin on
    page 42.
    2 Disconnect the optical drive ribbon cable from the logic board.
    3 Push the optical drive release levers out to release the drive.
    4 Carefully pull the drive a short distance out of the bay.
    5 Disconnect the ribbon cable from the back of the original drive and gently pull the
    cable through the opening in the sheet metal divider at the back of the optical drive
    6 Place two or three fingers through the opening at the back of the optical drive bay and
    push the drive out slightly so you can remove it from the computer.
    7 Remove the power cable from the drive.
    8 Unscrew the four optical drive guide pins from the bottom of the original drive and
    attach them to the bottom of the replacement drive.
    9 Remove the metal shield from the front of the drive and attach it to the front of the
    replacement drive.
    10 Carefully remove the ribbon cable from the top of the original drive and transfer it to
    the replacement drive.
    Important: Reusable adhesive tape on the underside of the ribbon cable attaches the
    cable to the drive. When removing the cable from the original drive, be careful to keep
    the tape with the cable.
    11 Attach the ribbon cable connector and the power cable to the back of the replacement
    12 Insert the drive part way into the drive bay and bend the free end of the ribbon cable,
    then pull it down through the opening in the sheet metal divider at the back of the
    optical drive bay.
    13 Slide the drive the rest of the way into the drive bay, aligning the optical drive guide
    pins in the slots, and gently push the drive into place.
    14 The optical drive release levers should close when the drive is installed correctly. If they
    don’t close, gently push them.
    15 Attach the optical drive ribbon cable to its connector on the logic board.
    16 Replace the side panel, following the directions that begin on page 52.

    I like yours much better, manuals are confusing, but I do disagree on one thing, love the picture diagrams.


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