Removing on screen info when looping?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by larswik, May 17, 2010.

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    I want to use the Apple TV I have for Digital Singage. I create a playlist and put the items in the folder so it will loop but when I look at it on the TV it get some side information that pops up at the bottom left for like 5 seconds. Can this be shut off?

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    What exactly is that info ?
    Can you post a screenshot ?
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    When you just click the remote to play a video it does not come up. But when you create a playlist in iTunes and drag a few short video clips into the play list it happens. Putting clips into a playlist allows you to loop the list automatically. But when it plays the next clip a small tag at the bottom left show a small icon of the clip and the name of the clip. The only reason I can find that Apple would do this and not allow a way to shut it off is they do not want these run as digital signage since there is more wear and tear on the equipment.

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    so you refer to the artwork, similar to what is shown when you play music ?
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    More wear and tear on the equipment? I don't understand. Are your worried about burn-in from a 5-sec appearance of a semi-transparent box?

    Tom...the OP is talking about a little lower-third, left-hand side of the screen, shadowed box which contains the title of the video and a screen grab...or artwork, depending on what is being utilized as the picture for that particular video.

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