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Repeat letters dont work, keyboard?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by umbilical, Sep 13, 2012.

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    why dont work on mountain repeat letters like put "zzzzzzzzzzzz" I need type z by z , whats the stupid idea of dont let us repeat letters? any solution? thanks
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    It's like that because it now allows a shortcut to diacritical marks. You can disable this feature and restore repeating alphabetic characters by typing the following command in Terminal:

     defaults write -g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false
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    thank guys, nice for the apps and "hacks" I usually dont like that kinds of things that touch the system but damn I want repeat letters; why apple remove it? I dont get it... :mad:

    thank you!
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    They removed it because of the special characters like áéöő... So for example if you press and hold "o", a mini popup should appear with special "öő" characters.
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    yes I note that, but I hate that apple remove things and dont put optional, we can choose if we want somethings or not;

    thank I remove that with the command line code ;)

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    Was interested in this also, new to the mac side of things still
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    System Preferences --> Keyboard --> Keyboard --> Modifier Keys. Then you can set the Caps Lock key to something else: Command, Control, Option, or even "No Action".
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    I SAID APPLE NOT USER.;) If left up to the user you get CAPS. :D
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    Keys will not repeat in Yosemite

    I have tried all remedies to no avail. It I enter the command in Terminal, it works for the Terminal mode but nowhere else. I even used Tinker Tool to affect a change but that does not fix it either. The problem is when I am using a word processor app or an email, it simply will not repeat the key when held down. This is a DUMB feature from Apple. Make it an option that can be toggled!!!!!!!!:mad:
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    Yep, it looks like they removed that capability. Can only speak for myself but I find the new functionality for diacritical marks useful and never had a reason to write a long string of a single alpha character.

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