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Replacement case for my Power Computing Macintosh Clone

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by snooziums, Apr 30, 2004.

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    The old case on my Power Computing Power Tower Pro broke when I had the computer shipped back to me via UPS. I was very disappointed at this. However, since the mainboard is ATX style, I was able to replace it with a cool ATX case. I have posted links to the pictures of the computer with its new case. Note: they are kind of fuzzy, sorry about that.

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    nice case, man :)

    ...maybe put some lights in there?

    did you upgrade that machine with a G3 or G4-card?

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    woohoo, that's quite a lot of stuff... :)

    ...if I was in the states, I would take the Apple 600e CD-Rom

    just put it all on ebay, you should get a decend amount aof money for all of that

    good luck

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    you know, i REALLY wanted one of those machines when they came out...

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