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Replacing iBook Logic Board

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Kreamy, Jun 21, 2006.

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    I have an old 1 GHz G4 that died a few months back (logic board failure) I was wondering, would it be ok to throw in a 1.33GHz logic board in there?

    Please keep this on topic, I'm well aware of how difficult of a process this is etc. etc. i just wanna know if the 1.33GHz board would work in my computer.

    Thanks in Advance
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    I would have thought that it would work but I'd not swear to it.

    This is not an easy job. You will need to completely disassemble the iBook. There are quite a few small connectors that you need to be very careful not to break and lots of screws that you need to remember where to put them back.

    Unless you already have the new logic board I'd not spend the cash on this but put that cash towards a new Mac Book instead.
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    The iBook's already disassembled which i had to do to take the hard drive out.

    No sense in buying a new mac since i'll need one just before 2nd year college (in a years time)

    And finally, buying an MBP will set me back like 2400 whilst getting a logic board will be about 300.
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    If it's already fully disassembled (i.e. have the logic board as a separate part) then it's a "simple" matter of reassembly.

    Note that i did not suggest speding 2400 on a MBP but 1100 on a MB!
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    Nah I'm going into advertising and will need to use Adobe and Macromedia programs intensively, Dedicated video is a must.

    Luckily the laptop courses only start in a year's time so i just need a machine to hold me over until then (nothing powerful)

    I just observed some photos of the logic boards, the 9550 chip is aligned slightly more to the right and the 1.33 has a wider heatsink to compensate for that than the older models. As far as i can see the die would still rest under the old heatsink but i dont know whether i should risk it.

    My other option is to go computerless until merom (which isnt a problem) and then hope that it's not too old by fourth year; what do you think?
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    You are right, the 1.33 logic board does not fit the older 1ghz ibook space. I have a 1.33 top and bottom case if that helps you, brand new.
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    This might be a good option for him. Getting a cheap case along with the Logic board... all the other connectors will be the same (should be) and the LCD will work from the old one.

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