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Replacing iMac G4 screen?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by whooleytoo, Jan 24, 2007.

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    My old iMac G4 was knocked off a desk here months ago and the screen was badly cracked. I've been thinking since I'd love to replace the screen, and just use it my bedroom for casual use, watch DVDs, read emails etc - since it's the perfect form factor.

    Has anyone replaced one before? Is it easy to do?
  2. TBi
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    With enough care and attention i'd say it is definately doable. Apple would have to be able to do this themselves.

    You're problem will be getting a replacement monitor. If you're lucky you might find someone trying to get rid of a "dead" system which has a perfect screen.
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    Well, I'm hoping since it is an all-in-one form factor then there are bound to be others who've broken their iMacs in different imaginative ways! ;)

    I think it'll be fun to try. It currently looks like someone spilt black ink on the inside of the screen, so it can't get much worse if I mess it up!
  4. TBi
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    It could... if you damage the innards of the iMac itself and break the new screen aswell. :D
  5. MRU


    Lads, do either of ye know where in Cork there's an apple repair centre ? And the name of it.
  6. TBi
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    Stream Solutions,
    Unit 8 Westlink Park,
    Doughcloyne Ind. Est.,

    T 021 4344455
    F 021 4344488
    E info@streamsolutions.ie

    I've been their twice, once with a whining macbook pro (which was returned) and the second time with my Macbook because of RSD.
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    Err... danger makes life interesting! :D
  8. TBi
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    I know a fellow Mac lover in Cork who might do the work for you. For a fee of course, but less than what an apple repair center would. I'll have to ask him though.

    He runs techseekers.net (the old site i mean, but he runs the new one too) so you might have seen some of the work he did getting AGP cards working in different Mac's (which was stolen and used by other websites without giving him his dues).
  9. MRU



    Thanks TBi :)

    What's RSD ?
  10. TBi
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  11. MRU


    Oh. Mine does that now and again, only way I sort it is by reseting p-ram.

    :eek: How did they correct it ?

    Also mine has a problem accepting 2gb of ram, when its got 2gb in it goes haywire. Graphics lag really badly and such.
  12. TBi
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    They replaced the heatsink. In the heatsink where was a temperature probe whose wires were shorting out leading the macbook to think it was over heating and shut down.

    You should be able to get it all repaired under warranty though. Just call up apple, get a repair number thing, then call Stream and they'll tell you to drop the laptop out. They'll keep it for a while and fix it up before sending it back to you. I took mine away while i was waiting for the new heatsink part to come in but that was during the mad rush for them. Should take less than 5 days turn around now.
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    Hey! Hey! Hey!

    This thread is about ME and MY issues, let's not turn this into a Cork love-fest! :D

    But seriously, I experienced a random shutdown issue on my MacBook Pro as well (bought two units in the office, both randomly shutdown almost once daily), when we replaced the batteries it solved the problems. Is the MacBook issue unrelated?

    Back to the iMac G4, did a quick search and found a few second-hand G4s for sale cheaply, but fully working - damn! At this stage, I think I'd prefer to build a FrankenMac than just throw mine out and replace it!
  14. TBi
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    You're just bitter because you weren't asked to join in!
    Yes the Macbook problem was with the heatsink, not the battery.

    Yes buy a perfectly good working iMac g4, take it apart and fix your own one with it...
  15. MRU


    Hey how often is the south west of Ireland represented on this board. Anyway dont blame me I'm a kerryman ;) :D
  16. TBi
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    Isn't that just more reason to blame you?

    I'm still looking out for more irish on the forum. We'll take over... mu ha ha ha!
  17. MRU


    Well lads, looks like I needed that info more than I thought. Turned on my macbook this morning, or should I say I tried turning on my macbook today....

    dead. nada. the screen comes on but there is nothing. I suspect the HDD has died. :(

    Added that to the random crap, the 2 gb refusal and the trackpad looking like crap, Im really regretting my macbook purchase. Possibly the most problems I've ever had with a mac.... :(
  18. TBi
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    Sorry to hear that. Well i'm sure apple will fix it back up for you though.

    One question tho, does it "bong" (you know the apple startup sound)? If it does then could be the hard drive, if not then the logic board is fried. I'd go with it being a logic board problem myself. If you're lucky you might get a C2D replacement (i was hoping that that :( )

    The new intel laptops sure have had a lot of problems. Hopefully they've been sorted out with the rev. B C2D versions.

    (If you want a perfectly working White Macbook then give me a call :D )
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    Well, I guess you could verify this if you have another Mac, connect them via Firewire and boot the MacBook in target disk mode. If it mounts, you can check its SMART status - perhaps even reinstall the OS if that helps, if not at least you know the disk is the problem.

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