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reproducing glow effect text with screen printing...

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by krossfyter, Nov 1, 2005.

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    can it be done? if so how? im assuming the only way is with halftones... but how good of a reproduction would that be? let me know anything you know about this issue. thnx.
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    yeah so i figured out id use bitmap on photoshop... but how will i do 2 colors or 3... color seps?
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    Mike Teezie

    Halftones is the only way to go for this, if you are screen printing.

    The quality will be pretty good. It depends on the size of the text/print area.
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    Screen printing on what? Cloth, paper? Or something else?

    If you're creating spot colour separations from Photoshop and it's a smallish (within A4) document at 100%, then maybe doing a multi-channel document at 600-1200ppi would be best particularly if there's type or clean sharp-edged graphic shapes involved.

    Output from Photoshop CS1 or higher through the Print Preview dialogue and keep a close eye on the output options — screen frequency, angles, registration marks, emulsion orientation etc.

    Depending on the surface and its characteristics, you may be able to get up a clean dot up to 65 lpi or possibly even higher.
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    its on cloth. how do you do the serperations for this? i know how to do it for line art in illustrator but not halftones in photoshop. thnx for the help guys... really.

    im looking at 2 to 3 colors.
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    Mike Teezie

    Can you post the original image you are wanting to get screens made for?
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    Unless you are planning to do the screen printing yourself, you should discuss this with the shop who's going to do the work. Oftentimes they prefer to produce their own seps from your raw files. And nothing's worse than having to undo all the work someone else did wrong...

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