"Reset all Settings" to fix 3.1.2 wifi problem

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    I've got a quick, hopefully easy, question. The wifi on my 3G has been broken since I upgraded to 3.1.2. I've been reading about this; haven't seen any surefire solutions yet. I've tried "Reset Network Settings" and I've tried turning off Bluetooth; neither work. Actually, I started doing a backup in Itunes one day, stopped it prematurely, and suddenly the wifi worked... for a day or two, and now it's gone again. Anyhow, my question: someone at an Apple store suggested that I try "Reset All Settings" under the Iphone Settings>General>Reset, before bringing it in to a Genius. I've got 3 or 4 pages of applications, and some of them required a lot of manual input (like a shopping app called Grocery IQ, where I added a whole bunch of groceries, aisles, etc). Will any of that application data be lost when I do a "Reset All Settings". Or is that all left unchanged, as well as the photos/music/videos ? And while I'm at it, is any of that info lost if I select "Restore" on Itunes instead.
    Thanks for your input!
    - Scott
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    Reset all settings will not affect your application data or game saves (as well as your music, etc.). (The only thing that will happen is that your icons will be resorted, so if you have them on certain pages, you'll have to redo all that. Also, your wifi password will need to be input again.)

    Restoring as a new phone will. Restoring from a backup won't.
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    I am currently resetting all settings. I lost my friggin wifi ability. Lame.
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    That doesn't cause you to lose wifi. You just need to reenter the wifi password.
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    thanx for the quick reply, iphone.aggie!

    sadly, "Reset All Settings" didn't help though. BTW, if koobcamuk has the same problem, it isn't a password or wifi settings problem. if you google "wifi", "problems", "upgrade" and "iphone", you'll see there's a whole boatload of people who've been having problems with their wifi, among other things, ever since v3.0. The apple support site has a thread that's like 50 pages long, with thousands of hits. for some reason it corrected itself with 3.1.2 for some people, but alot of people still have the original problem. The phone doesn't give you an option to join or enter a password; when you go to wifi, even if you're standing right next to a router, it doesn't show any networks available. totally sucks. nice to see someone else chiming in with the same problem, though! I wasn't holding out a lot of hope for the "Reset all settings". From what I've read, even "Erase all content" and resync doesn't help.
    I have one other question though. This is just my own ignorance, but does the Itunes "Restore" allow you to either restore to factory default or restore to a backup (ie. does it give you both those options). If so, what is the difference between the Itunes "Restore" and the Iphone "Erase all content and settings"? And, if I'm only now making my first iphone backup in Itunes (I know, my bad... I only now realized you could), will it do me any good to "Restore to Backup" if my phone is already potentially corrupt? In other words, is "Restore to Backup" kinda like Windows System Recovery, where you revert it to whatever state it was in when you made the backup?

    Again, appreciate the help!!

    - Scott
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    BTW, now 88 pages. It's called Topic : Strange WiFi problem on iPhone 3G after 3.0 update. And still not anwered :(
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    1. iTunes restore allows you to set up as a new phone, or to restore your settings and apps from your back-up

    2. In general it's a good idea to stay away from erase all content and settings, as that leaves you with an unusable device, think of it as like formatting your c drive. You can move on from it, but it's hard work.

    3. Restoring your backup should be OK, it will put your contacts, sms's etc back on the phone, it does not re-install the operating system. It will not restore your music though, you have to reload what you want

    4. This problem seems so intractable that I'm not sure there are any known solutions - though you could try this: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=802929. If freezing the phone does work, even temporarily, I would say that's proof of a hardware problem...
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    Don't ever do the "erase all content and settings," unless you're selling it or giving it back to Apple. It does just that, erases ALL content and settings. Sometime, people have problems getting the phone to work after that when they try to restore. Just a FYI.

    Restore as backup is like you described for a Windows System Restore, so if you feel something is corrupted, you don't want to do that. Restore, setting up as a new, is better. It's fairly painless if you've synced stuff to the appropriate program before (like contacts to Address Book or Outlook, etc.). You lose app settings and game saves and sms. Of course, you lose other things if you didn't sync before you do the restore. I setup as new all the time (during every upgrade or when my phone is buggy).
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    Thanks again for all the great advice!
    I'll definately avoid "Erase all"; sounds like more than I'd want to mess with.
    I did hear about the freezer thing. It sounds ridiculous, but there seem to be a lot of people saying it works. Even weirder is that they write in a day or two later, when it's "thawed", and the wifi is still working. Can't imagine what that means? The problem seems to coincide with overheating batteries after v3.0 also; but I've never had that problem. And you'd think the battery would just overheat again, and recreate the problem. Anyhow, I may try cooling it down a little this evening. Gonna make an appointment with Apple Bar this weekend too. End of that thread that I mentioned earlier seems to suggest that maybe the Genius Bars are easing up on there repair bills for this particular problem?
    Anyhow, thanks again for all your help!
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    My wifi is gone. I have tried everything from resetting, restoring to fridge. I called apple, I went to the "genius" bar. no help. The WIFI is gone gone gone. Only solution I got from those calls and store visit is to pay $199 to get a replacement.

    After 3.1.2 firmware update, the wifi works occasionally, for a couple mins or so. I am hoping it is just software issue and the next update will bring it back.
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    Found a fix for iphone 3.1.2 wifi problem

    Yesterday i used blackra1n to jailbreak my iphone 3gs 3.1.2 and installed cydia and rock, and used blacksn0w to unlock using cydia. After i jailbroke and ulocked my iphone the wifi stopped working , remind it was working fine when i jailbroke it an right after i installed cydia an rock it stopped so i did some research and read something about rock that it has a bug or something, so i went and uninstalled the rock app from cydia and wala everything is back to normal , wifi is working beautifully. :) Hope this helps because i know thats its really annoying that wifi doesnt work.
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    Interesting, thanks, I had not seen that posted elsewhere
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    Guys, not too sure if this is a fix or not, but it seems to have worked for me.
    2G iphone, just updated to 3.1.2 via Pwnage, and was facing the same no Wi-Fi issue.
    Was getting the signal bars at the top, but failing to access Cydia and the default Apple bookmark in Safari.
    Anyway, tried resetting all settings, and added the network and IP address details once again, and......nothing!

    Was almost about to give up and revert back to good old 3.0, when I thought about turning off the Wi-Fi. So, did that, came out of Settings, then went back in and turned it back on again.
    Redid the Network name and details, and way-hey.......the Apple bookmark loaded this time!

    So, I'll monitor it for dropping out, etc and see if that's it done.

    I wonder if the issue is sometimes the Wi-Fi circuitry isn't active upon install, and it needs to be turn off (which it already may be, although not reflected in the switch display), then back on again?
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    Don't get a replacement. It doesn't work. I already went through two phones under warranty and the wifi problem is not fixed. It's a software problem, but Apple doesn't seem to want to admit it.

    I'm thinking of downgrading to 3.0, but I don't want to jailbreak my phone because I may lose my warranty. Does anyone know of how to downgrade without messing up the warranty? :confused:
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    I wouldn'y say it's for sure a software issue. However, a good way to check for sure is to use the freezer test (put it in two zip lock bags and place in a freezer for 20 minutes). If wifi works for a few minutes after the freezer test, then you have a hardware fault.

    Jailbreaking only voids your warranty if you go to the Apple Store with it jailbreaked. It's fairly simple to restore back to its original state.
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    hi this might help

    I had the same thing with my wifi not working on my jailbrocken unlocked 3gs
    and also had a app for wifi installed but my phone wouldn't go on wifi in my home and it did before I updated to 3.1.2 so I uninstalled the wifi app and phone all ok now maybe just a conflickson between apple software and the
    app just through this might help someone as I know how much it drove me mad not working.
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    Just hit me...

    My iPhone just started this behavior. Very frustrating...:mad:

    Not jailbroken, latest version (3.1.2) and no wifi connectivity even though it says connected in Settings (but no indicator in status line).
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    my phone can see my home wifi however when I enter the password it will not accept it, I've tried loads of times now I'm certain I have the correct password however it will not accept it, any ideas?
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    i'm having problems with my iphone's wifi connection

    I have an iphone 3g which i updated (3.1.2) and jailbreak with blackra1n almost 3 months ago, and everything worked perfect. But a few days ago i turned on and tried to connect to my wifi network but just could not find any network:confused::confused::confused:. I already "reset network settings" "reboot" "turn-off/turn on" "respring" "reset all settings" i even restored it with itunes and nothing worked. And lastly I saw on youtube a few people that find out that if you cold the iphone the wifi suddenly work, I puted on top of cold water I even left it in the freezer for 20 minutes and nothing worked.
    I've been reading some forums and looks like i'm not the only one that have this problem.
    So I hope someone could help me.
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    "Reset All Settings" just made me go through that horrible recovery mode loop! I had to endure 80+ reboots just to get the iphone to work again. I'm on 3.1.2 and my wifi was pretty okay. When it doesn't work, I just had to reboot the phone (using blackra1n) and it's fine again. Until last night when I rebooted a dozen times and couldn't get the wifi to work anymore :( Thus, I tried the "Reset all Settings" trick... and I don't ever want to go through that again. So now, I'm wondering if anyone has found a solution on this wifi problem... Please advise :) TIA!
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    I am having the same problem, I just upgraded to the latest software yesterday and now it wont work im on my home wifi right now its nothing to do with that its the phone!!! ive tried all the options you guys have talked about and nothing!!!!!
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    For those who are jailbbroken, try using the Push Fix in Cydia. It helped me somewhat. Still not perfect (I get dropouts), but at least I can get on wifi for a while.

    My theory on why this is happening is due to the baseband. Once everyone went to 5.11.07 or above, downgrading to 3.0 won't bring back wifi, and since there's no way to downgrade on Bootloader 5.09 or above, we're stuck (except for the few on 5.08). I think it's mostly a software issue that Apple is ignoring. Thst's just my opinion. I can't check the truth of it, since I can't downgrade.

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