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Resolution changes in Apple TV

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by troymdaniels, Oct 5, 2010.

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    Seems like SD and HD previews keep switching resolution? The little apple logo in the bottom right of the screen is all over the place and sometimes barely visible? I don't see any video settings under audio/video either? What gives?
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    Same here. We've noticed this too. If we re-plug in the HDMI cable it fixes it, but it is annoying.
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    Same here, although only very occasionally - switches to 480p (according to my TV).. think it's a HDMI issue. Seems to have settled down a bit now though.. :confused:
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    I'm running an Onkyo receiver that has had other compatibility issues w/ boxes. Are any of you using a receiver or are you experiencing this direct to the TV? It is bothering me to the point of a trip to the Apple store. It seems completely random on which it chooses each time.
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    We have an LG receiver to a LG 55 LED" TV. It has popped down to 420 twice so far, both of which were resolved by replugging in the HDMI cable. It hasn't happened since I last posted.
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    I had the same problem last night. It mysteriously popped down to 480. I eventually had to reset it. I hope this is not a recurring problem.
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    Same here. Again. I've tried playing with sleep settings but that apparently doesn't help. Either a reset or a restart fixes it. Annoying.
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    i noticed a few support posts about this issue with no solution yet. Keep us posted if you find anything. jeb2u i saw you had posted the question on apple support as well. This is annoying. I can't wait to hear why it is ultimately my fault or my old TV's fault or my routers fault or my HDMI cables fault or any of the numerous reasons Apple usually tells me their product isnt working right. The old ipad dropping signal issue has left me a bitter man.
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    Just got off the phone with AppleCare. The senior tech I spoke with said he had personally heard of one other incident in which this happened. He told me to check my HDMI cable (which has always worked before). He said the ATV2 only outputs at 720, so he wasn't sure what would cause it to output at a different resolution. He said if it happens a second time I should contact Apple and they'll replace it.

    In other words, I'm too confident Apple knows exactly what the problems is, but the impression I got was that they believe it may be a hardware issue if they're going to replace the unit. I told him that I had read on the internet (MacRumors and elsewhere) of several other people having the same problem. If it happens a second time I do plan on getting a replacement ATV2 in case it is a hardware issue.
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    Just happened to us too... Apple TV is stuck at 480p,while it had worked fine for a few days. Turning off the AV receiver and putting the Apple TV to sleep doesn't make a difference.
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    I just hooked up my new Apple TV and I occasionally have the same issue. I've tried and old and new HDMI cables.

    I do have mine running through my Denon AVR-2310CI receiver but I haven't tried it directly to the TV.

    I hope they figure this out because it is definitely annoying.

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