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Resolution On My Clamshell 12" ibook

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by klee, Sep 13, 2006.

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    I Want To Run A Program But It Says I Need To HAve A Resolution Of 1028 by 700? But My Display Only Goes Up To 800 by 600 So Is It Possiable To Add Resolution? Can I Do It From My Original Disks Or Any Freeware

    Pls Help Very Confused

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    A few things limit resolution. Primarily the video card and the screen. Even if the video card can output higher resolution than the screen display. I don't think that the clamshell's were ever able to display beyond 800x600.

    What are you try to use? Installing Panther? What are your systems specs?

    There was a strange bastard child of a device that allowed for video in and out via USB 1.1. Slow, (virtually stills at a time), expensive, and it might have been vaporware. If I remember correctly, it was At the time, the iBook community thought it the Grail. Something to search for perhaps.

    The later Clamshells had video out, but it was limited to 800x600. So the terminal (end) resolution your limited to is 800x600 unless somebody has another idea.
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    Nope, higher resolution is simply not possible on that hardware. The screen is limited to 800x600 resolution as its highest rez.
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    What program is it? You can view the contents of the app and run the installer directly and it'll probably install.
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    To expand upon previous posts... resolution is a physical aspect of your LCD screen. It physically can only display 800 x 600 pixels, no more, and no less (640 x 480 will actually be blown up to cover all 800 x 600 pixels, with a loss of quality by the video card). There is no way to shrink 1024 x 768 down to 800 x 600, as you will then not be able to see some of the data (you can fit a small object inside a large object, like a microwave in a Honda Civic, but you can't fit a larger object into something smaller, like a Whirlpool double-wide refrigerator into a Honda Civic).

    This means the tiny dots that make up the images on your screen are 800 dots left to right, and 600 pixels up and down. Your screen is, in essence, 480,000 teeny tiny square panels (800 multiplied by 600) placed together, each only being able to show one solid color at a time.
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    I bought isale from the apple shop in sheffield uk and i installed it fine as sonn as i finished it asked me to upgrade to isale 3 for it to work with ebays new features. i downloaded it and try to install it but it says my resolution needs to be 1024 by 720 it only had one sytem requirement it was to be running on 10.3 and i'm on 10.3.9 i dont know if i should take the software back just because its out of date?:confused:

    if anyone knows of any other alternative software please let me know i was thinking of getting a new mac book but i'm skint lol
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    please use some degree of proper punctuation capitalization and proper spelling when you are typing long blocks of text because they can become very difficult to read quickly which is what most people who are on forums such as macrumors want to do this is a very fast paced community and were glad youre hear just a little bit of advice for future reference also threw in an example to show you how much it hurts my eyes yours is actually not as bad as some other members who literally post stuff that looks like what i am typing here

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