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Resolve your MacBook Temperature Problem

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by amac4me, May 25, 2006.

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    Interesting ... when your MacBook is shipped, a piece of plastic is actually blocking a vent.

    Be sure to check this out:
    MacBook's Vent Blocked

    Be sure to check out the photos. If you have a MacBook, you'll want to check if the plastic is blocking the vent. An interesting discovery.
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    Anyone else have seen this plastic?
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    I think it is a good post. He is just trying to help others out.
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    Looks like this made its way over to Engadget.com
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    I didn't have the plastic on mine, I just spent 5 minutes starting at that portion to find plastic, started to scrape at it, too.

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    Some MacBook Vents Blocked, Causing Heat Issues?


    The mac web has taken note of an observant MacBook owner who found at least part of the reason why his MacBook was running so hot. Apparently, some MacBooks are shipping with the rear vent (between the base and the screen hinge) blocked by a piece of plastic. Removing the plastic allowed air to circulate correctly and lowered operating temperatures dramatically.

    While some users report having found the plastic, others report not finding the plastic, so mileage may vary.
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    when will these heat issues for the new Laptops subside? Everyone gets all excited about the new books, then they all get burned....

    How bad is it this time? :rolleyes:
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    This probably doesnt apply to the Macbook Pro as well?

    Maybe thats what the extra 900$ is for. For more thorough checking so that silly stupid errors like these dont happen any more.

    I assume we will see a post in their support section soon about this issue.

    Thats a shame.
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    I am going to check mine when I get home.

    Has anyone here found this yet? Is it really easy to notice or do you really have to look around for the piece of plastic? How easy is it to remove?
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    Mother of all thermal challenges....part 57

    If Apple keeps up with this, they will ruin their reputation.
    Faster machines that will roast your scrotum at the same time...
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    Er... actually, I can't find anyone else other than the original blogger who reported having found the plastic film on their vents...
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    I took mine apart today, Here is what it looked like with the old thermal paste.


    I am still waiting for my free iPod???
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    I didn't see this on my MacBook, I wonder if he just got one where the worker decided to give him a hotter laptop than normal ;).
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    Dear Diary,

    Today I learned that Rev. A computers are fun......
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    "Some users?"

    Name one other than the original blogger who wrote the post and shared the pics. I've seen no reports that this -- like the black MacBook paint flaking -- is anything other than a single, isolated incident.
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    When will people learn... Rev A computers just don't work!
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    Some people over at Digg have commented they indeed have the plastic on their MacBooks so it is not just one person with this problem.

    It seems the majority of MacBook owners however don't have the plastic.
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    Read through the comments on the digg.com story:
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    don't read them.

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    How soon can we expect a rev B MacBook? Would that be the "6th month" cycle? Or is Apple known to fix problems in a month or two after rev A?
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    There are a few people that left comments on Digg.com that had the plastic as well.
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    Your old paste looks fine...about the same as any OEM computer you'll find that uses paste instead of a pad.
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    This is not a heat issue. The Macbook is as hot as it is allowed to get, but these reports are not about a flaw in the design that burns your legs, but a simple error of some employee not removing all plastic from the laptop he is assembling. Maybe because of the time pressure, if you believe Thinksecret, who first reported May 9, later May 16 due to shortage of stock. This leads to a lot of stress, especially with Steve Jobs breathing down your neck.

    By the way, who is rating this positive? I know it also gives you a solution, but since when is an easily solvable problem a good thing?
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    Update: Meanwhile, due to the controversy surrounding the excess Thermal Paste, MacDevCenter disassembled their MacBook Pro to see if reducing the Thermal Paste would indeed cause a significant change in the running temperature. Contrary to other anecdotal reports, they found there was only a 2 degree difference in temperatures before and after the extensive disassembly.

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