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Restored iPod 4G, cant find AC adapter, any way I can bypass?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by ReanimationLP, May 25, 2006.

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    I restored my iPod 4th Gen, all I have is the USB cable, and the USB adapter got lost somewhere in the move. I know it made it back, but I cant find it anywhere. x.x; I dont own the Firewire cables, is there any way there is something I can maybe plug it into, anything to get it to finish updating the firmware/whatever the hell it does when you restore it? o.o'
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    unfortunately your best bet is to just go to an Apple store or best buy and use one of theirs.
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    Do you have USB 2 on any of your computers?
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    all althlon 64 mobo's have usb2, charge it off that.
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    this isn't about charging i believe.

    and i have yet to find a way around finishing an update on an iPod that needs to then connect to AC power before it is finished updating. without going to the wall charger
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    the 4G iPods require you to plug it into the wall charger after restoring. I have no idea why but you can't use a computer. Just go to the apple store and they will gladly help.
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    Heh, I was able to get it working.

    I took it to a Radioshack in the mall I work at, and the guy there let me use some kind of 3rd party video docking station, and that worked perfectly.

    I'm gonna end up buying a FW cable so I dont have to deal with this bulls*** every time, and plus then my iBook and my Powermac G4 only have USB 1.1.
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    That cable will not fix it unless that is what you need to connect it to the AC adapter. Only a dock that goes to wall power will allow the firmware to reflash after an update, IIRC.
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    If you plug your iPod into a computer with Firewire while the machine is completely off, it will charge the iPod and the iPod will see it as only a charger.
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    If the machine is completely off, where does the power come from? :confused:
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    Apple original equipment firewire bus provides power when the CPU is off and the computer is still plugged into the wall;)
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    :eek: That's very sweet. Laptops too, or just desktops? These computers really are as smart as they look.

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