Restoring Old iPod Firmware

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Steven1621, Mar 20, 2005.

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    How do you go back to an old version of the iPod firmware? I installed my old 3G 10GB iPod on a PC and now it won't charge via firewire and when connected to the PC, the battery meter flashes sporadically. I think going back to an old version might solve the problem.

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    Just run the old version of the iPod updater.
    If you don't still have it, its on Apple's site. OR ksysupdate&q=ipod updater

    There are several ones listed there.

    If it won't do it because its a new version or something like that. You can probably try resetting into disk mode and use disk utility to format the drive, then use the older updater.

    Does it charge if you plug it in the wall?
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    It doesn't charge when plugged into the wall
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    New problem: iPod starts up and shows the Apple logo then go to the disconnect dock connecter screen and turns off. It won't mount either. Any idea? This is baffling me.
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    Might be time to go to an Apple store.
    If you are at Bowdoin, closest is either NH or MA.
    Could be a cable, or could be the battery. Can you try using your iPod photo's cord/charger?
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    It doesn't matter what I try. Same thing every time. The apple store is looking like the only option.

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