Return two values (doubles) from a C function

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by Eraserhead, Feb 8, 2007.

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    I know I'm being really dumb here, but what's the best way of returning two numbers from a C-function back to the main method?
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    There's no way to return more than one value.

    The solution is to pass a pointer to a variable into your function, and set the value at that address in the function.

    For example:

    void main()
    	double firstDouble, secondDouble;
    	firstDouble = function(&secondDouble);
    	// etc.
    double function(double *doubleRef)
    	*doubleRef = 2.0;
    	return 1.0;
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    I was missing the *doubleRef in the function, now that's sorted it works thanks!
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    Another solution...

    The other solution would be to create a data structure with two doubles in it. You could do something like

    typedef struct {
        double one;
        double two;
    } DoubleDouble;
    I am a little rusty at C, but this is the basic idea and should work. In this case, you would get a reusable structure type defined to DoubleDouble.
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    From a semantics point of view, I would prefer to pass both variables by reference, or return a struct containing the two, rather than return one and pass the other by reference. It just seems cleaner this way.

    Heh, DoubleDouble. That's how I take my coffee. :)

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