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Revitalizing a Mac Plus

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by neoelectronaut, May 11, 2004.

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    A friend of mine is trying to donate a Mac Plus to me.

    Now obviously this computer isn't going to do much, but I was looking for a quick tutorial on wiping the HD and getting the optimum configuration out of the sucker.
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    You'll probably want this, or something like it.
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    You may also LOAD the MAC Plus with 4MB RAM to run os 7 :D

    There should be a disk utility to wipe the HD before you install 7.0 in those install disks.

    You may want to install os 6.0.8 in stead of 7 for a more ancient feel
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    With the max RAM being as low as it is, I'd stick with System 6.0.8 - your performance with System 7 may not be acceptable. If you do decide to put System 7 on there, max out the RAM at 4MB - you'll need it!
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    There is usually some helpful info on old Macs over at:


    Old Macs can still be put to good use, but software is a little harder to find. I have an old 5260 that I use for Quark 4.0 and it runs great.

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