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Rewind Icon

Discussion in 'iPod' started by the_freddinator, Feb 11, 2006.

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    I noticed today that on my ipod (4g color), in the top-left where it usually shows the play/pause icon, it's showing a rewind icon (doesn't matter if I'm playing a song or not). Any ideas what it is and should I manually reset my iPod?

    Thanks in advance.
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    mad jew

    How bizarre? I guess a restore would fix it because it sounds like a corruption in the software, but is it really worth the effort?
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    wait, how did that ipod know the rewind button. i didn't know there was one until the video.
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    I'll second that. I just tried to rewind and fast forward on my dad's second gen mini and it just shows the Play icon. That's a very strange problem, I wonder how that icon got into the software.
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    Here's the pic of it. I agree that it's not really worth the reset...but it's still pretty interesting. Wonder if anyone else has ever had this prob.

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    did you install any third-party software on it (i know there's some somewhere)? A reset might work as well. Then you don't lose your music and it hopefully goes away.
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    No third-party software.
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    I have a photo (well, 4G color, but same thing), and I can confirm that the iPod photo displays a rewind icon when rewinding by holding down the "back a song" button.

    If it displays that icon all the time, you should probably reset your iPod.

    1) Plug into your Mac.
    2) Turn HOLD on and then off
    3) Hold down MENU+Center Button simultaneously until the screen blanks and a mirrored Apple logo appears.
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    Mmm. That's what I thought. Cool

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    After resetting it Sunday morning, it died. Sad icon, and then it totally died (computer/charging doesn't recognize, won't turn on). This was the longest an iPod lasted for me (6 months)...and I'm careful w/ them too....
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    If it's only 6 months old, you should be able to get an AppleCare replacement.
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    Def. this is the.....5th (?) iPod that's died on me. I got applecare before the first one died....I'm cursed.

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