Ripping - Damages Drive?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by HelixOmnimedia, Jan 22, 2007.

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    Is is possible over over use your drive until its not working like its use to?

    The reason I'm asking is because I've added a few TV Shows to iTune by using Handbrake.

    I've been ripping Stargate Atlantis Season 1.
    Usually a 42min Episode will take 1h30min to be ripped and encoded in Handbrake.
    But... NOW a 42min Episode takes 2h40min.

    So have I damaged my drive which is causing it to rip so slowly.

    Thanks for any help
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    Are you sure you didn't change any encoding preferences?

    I don't think ripping will damage your drive, although the drive may get broken over time and this might even happen when ripping a DVD. But ripping isn't much more than reading, is it?

    Edit: I'm aware that there's also a lot of processing involved but I was talking about the drive.
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    Rodimus Prime

    no you are not. Ripping a DVD, CD or anything is the same amount of work to the drive as
    Playing a DVD or a CD. The only thing that it is more work on is your CPU.

    When you have a DVD in the drive your Optical drive is working 100% of the the time, it does not matter if your are ripping it or playing it, it is the same amount of work on the drive. If anything the ripping is less work on the optical drive than just playing the DVDs because it runs for less time per episode in the long run.

    I would check your CPU and ram useages and see if that is increased compared to when you started. You Drive should not be effect by this.
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    I'm sure. The disc I'm doing the now is Disc 5. I've used the same settings for the previous fours discs. That's been 11 episodes and each have taken 1h30min, but now each is taking 2h40min each.
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    Something has just occurred to me.

    I stopped after Disc 4 last night and let it rip Jurassic Park...

    Here's what I Posted in another thread.

    Other Post
    Could this somehow be related to why it's running so slow. Everything was working fine before I ripped Jurassic Park, it was the file size that was concerning me. But Now its the speed.
    Is it just a coincidences that these two happened one after the other?

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    I uninstalled and then reinstalled Handbrake, and everything seems to be back to normal. I still have no idea what was causing it.

    Thanks for all the help
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    Sounds like in your case it was a simple configuration problem which was resolved by reinstalling.

    Its an interesting question if you can actually wear out or break a hard drive simply by transferring data. I would think for normal use it is very unlikely :)
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    Sun Baked

    Yes, but hammering the drive in some of the machines that have poor ventillation will cause problems -- since using the drive a lot for extended periods gets them hot.

    And heat is more likely to kill the drive than simply wearing it out though use.
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    It is true about the heat killing the drive but doesnt the manufacturer test the device for prolonged use?

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