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Rosetta performance page?

Discussion in 'Mac Guides' started by NightLord, Sep 23, 2006.

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    I don't know whether this has been requested yet, but I think that there should be a page on the guide where apps that run in rosetta are listed, along with performance rating, and possible UB alternatives.

    I think it'd be really helpful.
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    Yeah, like a Wiki or something, so anyone can edit it. I hear you, loud and clear!
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    I saw a one for Games once, can't remember where it was though. Could have been here, I'll try hunt it out...

    Edit: Thought it was here UB Games
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    i'd love to see this
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    Geekbench has the ability to run native and under rosetta.

    Geekbench.Rosetta = 110.5 Link

    Geekbench (UB) = 181.4 Link

    My MBP
    2.0 GHZ CD
    2.0 GB Ram
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    I did the geekbenchthing and i get:

    Rosetta: 153.4
    Universal: 234.6

    iMac Core 2 Duo 2.16 ghz
    2Gb RAM
    256 x1600 vram.
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    blowing the doors off my dual g5

    Overall Score: 191.5
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    Overall Score: 363.5
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    Anonymous Freak

    Sounds good to me. A new Guide page. I was thinking "Rosetta Applications" for the page name, but that's not really descriptive of exactly what you're talking about.

    Come up with a name, log in to the Guides, and create it!
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    Rosetta was created at my Uni :D
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    Anonymous Freak

    Funny, both Apple and Transitive claim that Transitive invented it.

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