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Running C programs on the terminal

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by s1587, Nov 17, 2007.

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    Hi i am new to Mac so please help me out. I have to run a Linux shell using the terminal. My shell has been coded using C. I have gcc installed but bash refuses to recognize the command. I must run the program on the terminal only. Can someone please help me out here.
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    So you load Terminal.app and type gcc and then it says 'command not found'?

    If so you'll need to install the Developers Tools (Xcode) which is on the Mac OS X DVD or an up to date version can be downloaded from http://developer.apple.com/tools/download/ but you'll need a free developer account to do so.
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    screenshots please
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    Good call, I was pretty confused myself ;).
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    So you wrote a program in "C"... did you compile it?

    Sounds like you successfully started Terminal, if you have a .app,


    should run it...

    if you didn't compile yet,

    gcc myApplication.c -o myApplication.app

    then try and run it
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    If you don't specify an output name its called a.out by default. So you use ./a.out to run it.
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    i have installed xcode as well. once i type gcc prog.c i get a message "-bash: gcc: command not found".
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    If you installed Xcode with the current Terminal session running you may just need to quit and relaunch the Terminal application for it to use the updated path information.
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    Is there any specific path where the gcc folder must be stored for bash to recognize it?

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