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Safari Debugger 2.2

Discussion in 'New Mac Application Announcements' started by medea, Mar 26, 2003.

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    allows you to enable many hidden features in Safari by activating the debug menu. Using this menu, you can enable tabbed browsing in v62 and higher, fix problems with banking sites, and troubleshoot your own webpages. This minor update adds enhanced support for newer versions of the Safari web browser and also features a slightly refined user interface.
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    Wow that was stupid, it turned off safari while I was using and posting here...

    Thanks for the debugger menu I got using the terminal command a while ago...

    Debug menu - good
    Not telling you safari is gonna quit now -- bad.
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    It has the script to enable the debug menu. And it's not even donation ware :D
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    actually I dont know how to use scripts or command line crap so I welcome this program, now even I have the debug menu, horarh!

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