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Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by C DM, Aug 25, 2013.

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    I might have overlooked this somewhere, but has something changed with inertia scrolling in Safari in one of the more recent iOS 7 betas?

    It seems like there's very little to none of it in Safari lately (especially noticeable when dealing with long pages). As far as I can tell, various other stock apps like Mail or Messages all still seem to have it like before, but not Safari for some reason.
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    I've noticed that it seems to website? Content? Not sure, I don't use safari very frequently...but most of the time seems to be there...what device are you using? Me-iPhone 5 A1428/AT&T
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    Using Verizon iPhone 5.

    I've tried it out, although briefly, on a few sites and it seems noticeably much slower than I recall it being before (and than it is in other apps, like Mail, when scrolling through a list of emails, for example).

    However, I just realized I actually have access to a Verizon iPhone 5 with iOS 6.1.4 at the moment, and tried a few sites in Safari using that phone...and, surprisingly, the sites behaved more or less the same--the inertia scrolling seemed quite subdued at best.

    It's strange, since I can practically swear remembering being able to quickly scroll through long web sites with just a few finger flics when I was using iOS 6 consistently (before the first iOS 7 beta arrived), but now I'm starting to think maybe I'm almost imagining things, at least as far as Safari is concerned when it comes to all that.

    Maybe it is somehow based on content and is otherwise pretty much the same between iOS 6 and 7.
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    Scrolling in Safari has been the same reading speed for a LONG time. Not sure it's ever changed, actually. In Facebook's implementation of UIWebView, though, they opted for the list speed scrolling. So open a link in Facebook and scroll, it's kind of startling.
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    I'm going to change my tone from previous reply...I agree with you, messages seems to have it, and, calendar app, but safari and also mail don't anymore...but, yeah, I recall safari having it in earlier betas...we need it back!! Or, at least some kind of scrolling speed options in settings!

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