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Safari performance in iOS 6

Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by chrismarle, Jun 12, 2012.

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    Hey guys,

    It seems that Apple worked on Safari's performances in iOS 6. Running a Sunspider JavaScript benchmark on my iPhone 4S in iOS 5.1.1 was giving me 22XXms and now it's around 18XXms. Kinda cool. I haven't tried my New iPad yet but results should be better too.

    I just wanted to share this with you guys.
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    1631ms. +/- 1.6% 1st run.
    1465ms +/- 0.4% 2nd run.
    New iPad.
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    Needs work then. My galaxy nexus on chrome gets 1349ms.
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    This is just a Minor update, but the loading bar is much smoother if u look at it. I like it:))
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    On iPhone 4, Browsermark has improved from the iOS 5 51,xxx to 60,xxx on iOS6: about 18%.

    Sunspider has improved from 35xx on iOS 5 to 29xx on iOS 6. Also about 20%.

    Not bad for a two year old phone! :D
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    iPhone 4S results:
    Browsermark iOS 5: 88xxx
    Browsermark iOS 6: 107xxx

    Sunspider iOS 5: 22xx
    Sunspider iOS 6: 17xx

    Again right under 20% improvement.
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    To compare to Android the HTC One S sunspider clocks in at 1900 on the dual core 1.5ghz Krait using Chrome. According to anandtech the international quad core Tegra One X gets about 1750, the AT&T One X gives 1600 and the international quad core Exynos Galaxy S3(the one the US isn't getting) gets about 1450.


    All in all, very impressive turnout from Apple from an OS upgrade.
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    I noticed right away that safari seemed quicker when loading pages!

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