Safari Update v6C Available

Discussion in 'New Mac Application Announcements' started by pgwalsh, Feb 12, 2003.

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    Safari Update 2-12-2003 is available

    Version v6C 2.4MB

    Improve the compatibility with popular web sites based on Safari user feedback, further improves the performance of loading web pages and Flash content, adds support for SML, increases standards conformance and delivers improved application stability. The update also enables access to web sites that offer self-signed security certificates..
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    it solves the 72dpi / 96dpi related problem!!!
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    flash is flashter

    flash is much faster now... a 15fps improvement. surfing seems much faster. way to go apple!!!!
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    I see no difference on my iBook here at work. None at all.
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    Can't Wait till I get home to try it out. Sparkleytone and Gus beat this one though, heh.
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    no wells fargo support

    I'm suprised they have'nt added support for online banking with wells fargo bank. It's the biggest bank in california. it is the only reason I still use IE
  7. pEZ
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    Sorry guys, Chimera still loads my favorite sites faster. Still not too happy with it.

    And the Wells Fargo Bank thing is pretty bizarre, if you ask me.
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    They fixed the hotmail java issue, and it's the fastest browser I have. I am very happy with it:eek: Plus my e-trade works great in Safari:D
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    It appears that the Wells Fargo problem has to do with Wells Fargo's code and not Safari.
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    Re: no wells fargo support

    Hve you tried changing your user string to announce the browser as IE?
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    Definite improvement, although it still has some issues. Hotmail works better than with .51, but it's still a little quirky.

    No tabbed browsing yet. Hopefully it won't take too long before that option is oncorporated.
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    anyone figure out?????

    Has anyone figured out how to turn off web address autocomplete. This is one of the most annoying features. At least everyone else except apple offeres this option in there browsers. I would have thought that it would be easier to write safari without autocomplete rather than include it. Apple please give me the option to turns this off.
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    I've noticed some improvements with displaying certain web pages the showed up fine in IE and NN. Nice!
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    <edit> d'oh.. quoted the wrong post.. Meant to quote the one about the auto-complete URL feature.. really annoying... </edit>

    I wholeheartedly agree.. This is easily the worst feature of Safari...

    On another note, it seems to handle Java a little bit better, but I still can't properly play Monopoly at

    I also still have trouble with sites with expired security certificates.

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    Hotmail works, that's good. But I am having a new problem, with the dock. I drag a copy of the new safari over to the dock to add it and it appears. Then when I click on the icon there, a new icon appears at the end of the dock, doubling the space and making everything else smaller.

    Anyone else with this problem? Am I just doing something stupid-like?
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    Let me know when tabs show up...

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    Flash is much faster.

    My https:// webmail site still says it can't connect. When trying to log in to my bank's online section, Safari now locks up instead of just stopping at "Accessing Account info".
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    Apple's own site...

    I don't know if it's fixed yet (I haven't been home to download the update)... but did anyone notice that with Apple's OWN site, if you had a large monitor and opened the browser window, the buttons at the top would not be centered with the text and graphics in the main part of the window, but would get more and more off the further the window was opened up?

    Wow... you'd think their own site would be the one that looked the absolute best with their own browser.

    I love Apple, but this surprised me.

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    Apples Page Loads Perfectly

    Just reporting that now appears centered within the browser window.
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    flash playback speed

    I'm doing some test about flash playback speed. This is what I get on my TiBook667

    old safari V50: 10 fps
    new safari V60: 25 fps
    chimera : 22.88 fps
    ie 5.22: 22.70 to 23.1 (not absolutly steady)
    ns 7.0: 23.8 fps

    okay the new safari is the fastest browser when it comes to flash playback.

    interessting: if you move a browserwindow with a playing flashmovie, the movie doesn't stop in chimera and safari.
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    great. i was waiting for this. finally i can use it for heavy flash content sites. Now we can call it the fastes browser.

    go apple!
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    I'll do the same tests on the pc at work tomorrow. I'm not exactly shure but I thought on the pc I could reach 30fps.
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    Solves my issues...

    OK...I'm now switching to Safari. I had several important sites that previously would not load in Safari. This update has solved that, so I am making the switch and dumping IE.

    I trust that Safari will only improve from here. The absolute key, whatever else is added/removed from a browser, is a universal ability to load and view pages. Absent this, none of the other features matter.

    Good update.
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    Is anyone else finding that the lines on macrumors no longer seem to line up?

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    I like the URL auto-complete. :D

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