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Salt Lake City Madness

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by IanF0729, Feb 20, 2006.

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    I went on a business trip to Salt Lake.

    I got to see snow...it'd been a few years - stupid Texas.

    I just wanted to share a few of the pictures I was able to snap between meetings. :)

    [EDIT]: On second thought, this probably should have been in the Picture Gallery board.

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    Clix Pix

    Very pretty scenes! Only thing is, snow is the devil to shoot because it throws the exposure values out the window and you have to adjust for that.... the excessive blueness does add to the sense of it being very cold there, though.
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    Flying Llama

    I'll bet you there will be at least one Mormon-related comment in this thread... ;)
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    I didn't inclue my photos of the Mormon tempe for a reason. ;)
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    Clix Pix

    I've got some beautiful shots of the Mormon Temple in Washington, DC, taken last spring when a friend's daughter was being married there. Since I am not LDS I couldn't go into the building so contented myself with taking photos outside until the happy couple and family emerged.
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    I was quite impressed with the architecture! Most churches here in San Antonio are sort of bland save for the Catholic church downtown

    I didn't know that they wouldn't allow you into the church...odd.
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    Its not the church, its the temple. The temple is NOT the church
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    So there is a Mormon Temple and church? Or is there just a temple? :confused:
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    There is a temple AND a church. The church is where the sunday weekly meetings are held. The temple is attended once a month by anyone who holds a temple reccomend. You have to be a member and be worthy to enter the temple, anyone can come on Sunday.

    Edit: Church: http://www.abcoutah.com/portfolio/religious/Logan LDS Church.jpg
    Temple: http://www.morganimaging.com/usa/images/2004/ncon_temple.jpg
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    Clix Pix

    Don't they also sometimes refer to the "church" as a "chapel?"

    Yes, unless you are a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints who is in "good standing" you are not permitted to enter the Temple, which is considered a sacred place.
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    There is a chapel in the church, along with a bunch of classrooms, family history center, and a cultural hall.

    Theres an interactive tour of the building at this site.

    Just click on interactive tour.

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    Clix Pix

    Thanks, Clykins! I was always confused about that, as LDS friends of mine sometimes referred to their "chapel" rather than their "church," so I wasn't really sure.

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