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Save an entire website for offline viewing?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Redjericho, Sep 10, 2012.

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    Is there an app that does this? There seem to be only apps that save single pages, which safari can do already.
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    I know of none. An entire website can be quite large, I would be interested to see if anyone or if there is anything that can do this.
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    A Hebrew

    There is no app that can do that.
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    Well, by providing a rule to both apps that lets for any kind of recursion depth, both are capable of this - after all, wget (and the like) is an industry-standard full site getter for exactly this.

    Of course, if non-linked resources need to be saved, no HTTP should be used to access the site but FTP (assuming he knows the password).
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    Oh! See...one learns something new everyday. Does this work with also sites that are driven by database queries etc? Or is this more for static sites?
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    Time backoker has an archived history of websites since 1996. I know its not exactly what you are looking.
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    Static sites IIRC. Albeit, it could be technically very easy to do a dynamic version too (with a pre-defined dictionary of queries). wget may already support it? DUnno.
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    Ok, this is bad$ss! Very nice and thank you for the links!

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