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Save individual Core Data object

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by MacDonaldsd, Mar 7, 2008.

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    As as far as I can see you can't save an individual NSManagedObject, you can just tell the NSManagedObjectContext to save all the changes.

    Is there anyway round this ?
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    I don't think so. Maybe you could use a different file format that doesn't require rewriting the entire file, like SQLite? Or are you already using that?
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    Im using XML to save the data at the moment.

    Basically the problem is, I have some RSS syncing in the application so when any new entries are added I want to save them automatically. But as this happens in the background, the user may be editing a file and I don't want that to save until the user decides they want to.
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    Can't you delay the saving until they've done their editing?

    With XML it'll always write everything every time, so you may want to choose a better format.
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    Yeah I think your right. Just its easier to see how everything is getting saved in XML.

    Yeah I suppose that is an option, or do something fiddly with two ManagedObjectContexts and Merge them.

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