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Saving QTKit Object in RapidWeaver

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by skumar2011, Jan 16, 2007.

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    Hello Everybody,

    Is there anybody using RapidWeaver?
    I am developing the pluging for the RapidWeaver.

    I am able to play the movie file using QTKit framework in both the mode(Edit and Preview) of RapidWeaver. Now I am in trouble to save the movie object while saving the RapidWeaver file and reopen the RapidWeaver file to play the same movie again.

    Any help regarding this will be appreciable.

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    saving Video movies using QTKit APIs

    thanks for giving the link

    I already posted my query on that forum but not getting any reply

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    saving Video movies using QTKit APIs

    thanks kainjow

    writeToFile:withAttributes: method is use to write the movie on hard disk directly which I can achieve using terminal command.
    I want to save the movie attributes as an object in my program so that I can retrieve the data to play it again.

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