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Schedule Airplane mode

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by whoami4546, Apr 19, 2009.

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    I am looking for a app that enables or disables arplane mode on the iphone by a preset schedule. Like i have classes Monday to friday 7 to 8 AM. I want it to automatically go to airplane mode during that time.
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    I've never heard of a App which does this, but there could be one!
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    The Californian


    Is it that hard to just flip that silent switch?
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    Sorry, but this is not an available feature at this time, though it is definitely great idea and I am surprised that no 3rd party (unofficial) developer has written an app to do this. :D

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    Developers don't have access to these controls.
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    I was referencing to devs in the jailbreak community (theoretically posible) - not within SDK limits.

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    This would be a great idea for a app!!! I work in a area that does not get a signal. If I forget to enable airplane mode or turn the phone off, my battery drains completely within a few hours.

    I'm surprised Apple didn't think of including a feature like this.
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    Probably to avoid the legions of "Why does my phone randomly go into airplane mode?!" complaints, when the user forgets that they had set that.
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    if apple made their programming and feature decisions based on avoiding complaints they would've had copy/paste and MMS there since day one ;)
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    This app is available for jailbroken users, and it's called MyProfiles. It let's you set different profiles based on time, GPS location, WiFi connection, and battery status. You can toggle 3G, WiFi, Airplane Mode, and more. It's available through the Rock app.
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    That's great if you have the desire to jailbreak your phone. :(
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    seriously some people are freaking lazy, its already AT THE TOP OF THE SETTINGS MENU

    It's not like turning off 3G where it's in a submenu
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    Agreed. I was thinking the same thing while ready this thread.
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    I hate you. :D
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    The silent switch has nothing to do with airplane mode.
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    Awesome - don't know how I missed that!

    Well if you desire automatic profiles so badly, isn;t that more than enough justification to do so?

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    I saw this on a HTC G1 with Android today and it was awesome. My friend walked into work and his phone went to vibrate and the Wi-fi turned on. Later, he walked into his car and the bluetooth turned on and connected to his car's handsfree. Never had to leave his pocket.

    Times like these make me wish Apple was more like Google.
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    Haha, no you don't:)

    The iPhone does the second part except automatically turn on the bluetooth, although I always have it on and don't notice a battery drain when not in use.
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    Having this work with GPS is even smarter. That way your schedule is not important. If you are at school or at work your phone will not ring.

    Very cool.
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    Not really. Jailbreaking places you into a whole other set of issues.
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    It's not an issue of being too lazy to enable Airplane Mode. The OP just forgets before class.
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    Wow, I'm gonna call my Dad next Sunday at 12:00Am, so is there an APP that does this if I program it to do so, you know, I'm too lazy to press some buttons and call my Dad at that exact time.:D

    Wow, that would be the dumbest App i would have ever seen. Why would I want to use it. I mean, isn't it easier if, once I go into class, or get into an Airplane, just go to settings and put the phone in Airplane mode. I mean, I'm just wondering!!!!!!!:eek:
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    Did you read anything past the first post?
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    Do you turn the phone into no-ringer mode in movie theaters or other places?

    You do the same thing in class. Don't need a scheduler.
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    are you really that lazy?
    it's right at the top of the settings menu, it takes under 3 seconds to flip a switch.

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