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Scite-like text editor?

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by sk3pt1c, Jan 31, 2007.

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    is there anything on the mac like scintila text editor?
    i know there's xcode, but i'm looking for something lighter
    that highlights and changes colours for code and so on like scintila does
    do you know of anything that will do that?
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    Here is a recent recounting of how to make scintilla build on OS X.
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    is there an option that does not include hacking and coding?
    maybe another similar editor ?
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    I am in the same boat as you. I find TextWrangler to be somewhat similar, at least in practice, as Scite.
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    I use "nedit". I like it because it works exactly the same on all the computers I use, Linux, Solaris, even VMS, Windows and the Mac. Does all the normal stuff, syntax highlights, column moves, macros inserts output from comand line programs..... Was developed at Fermilab and is not independent. Best feature is exact same interface on all computers

    Mac binary at http://nedit.darwinports.com/
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    I vote for TextMate! Just moved to it a couple of days ago. Best move I could of made.

    Just use Xcode to build, and maintain the project and make TextMate the default editor by following this doc: http://www.meandmark.com/xcodetips.html
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    A second vote for TextMate. Not just because of the lightweight nature of it, but because the bundles really rock. I've ended up not just doing my programming with it, but also stuff like LaTeX and other text-editing chores.

    Yeah, it costs money, but for the productivity it has given me it has been well worth it. The community/devs are really helpful as well.

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