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Screen color problem

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by ThatGirl, Mar 17, 2005.

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    I wonder if anyone can help me with this. Working on a blue iMac G3, using Jaguar. The desktop screen is the blue default iMac screen. When I first wake up the computer, it has a strange pink glow, and then slowly returns to blue. Is that an internal battery problem? If so, how do I change that battery?

    Thank you, very much.
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    Sounds like the CRT is dying. There isn't much you can really do about that, but the battery would certainly have nothing to do with it.
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    Thank you for the reply.

    I don't know what that means, though. Is it something that can be fixed?
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    Are you using firmware 4.1.9?
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    It can be fixed yes, but the price that Apple will charge you to get it fixed will most likely be more than the computer is even worth.
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    Well, embarrassing as this is...I don't know.
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    What do they have to do to fix it? Thanks!
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    CRT = cathode ray tube

    the thing that shoots electrons onto the inside of the screen or standard tv screen to comprise the image - a dangerous piece of equipment -- should not be touched. It is what makes working on old G3s dangerous. I've heard of the iMac G3s CRTs going out but do the firmware thing -- search this site for more info. Personally, I had bad luck with Jaguar on a iMac like yours. Panther, however, works GREAT on a 233mhz and a 266mhz as well as a 500mhz G3 iMac that I've seen.

    Pull down the apple menu and open the software update thing and it will tell you if you need to update your software. I THINK that is also a firmware update but I have to claim ignorance on this and just go to my local Apple Tech when these types of issues stump me. But I'm sure there must be some more info on this site. Good luck.
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    Yes, this is how CRTs tend to die. The big clue is that it takes time for the screen to "warm up" to normal color.
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    California and Sedulous - Thank you, so much, for the explanations. I really appreciate it. I will look up more info on firmware, etc, as you have suggested.
    Thanks again. :)
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    Firmware 4.1.9 is a good thing to do!!!!

    CRT's really dont die oftern, I have never changed a CRT in all my time repairing macs, the G3 iMac had quite a few issues with the PAV's (Power Analog Video boards), the sympton described sounds to me like a faulty PAV, Apple do exchange boards for around £80-£130 pounds. You would have to pay labour on top of that. On eBay you can get cool iMacs for around £100-£150

    Hope this helps

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    Yes, that is very helpful. Thank you! :)

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